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Water Rich Ranch Land In Costa Rica With Pan American Highway Frontage

This is an amazing opportunity to own an 807 acre ranch with a prime location in southern Costa Rica on the world famous Pan American highway near the town of Buenas Aires. The climate is perfect to grow many types of fruits and vegetables. Land in the area is prized by commercial agricultural businesses for it's abundant natural fresh water sources and it's rich, fertile soil.

This area is one of the best locations in the world to grow many types of fruits and vegetables which is exactly why huge commercial farming operations operated by multinational businesses can be found right here, including Del Monte's largest pineapple production location. You will find businesses ranging from cattle ranching, sugarcane plantations and much more. If you or your company is looking to operate a farming / ranching business, you could not find a better location.

Attention Land Speculators! The Largest Hydro Electric Project In Costa Rica Could Bring A Giant Lake Right Next To The Property!

For land speculators, there is huge potential to hit a home run here! A new $2 Billion USD hydro electric dam is planned for construction in the area. There are some legal hurdles involving a local Indian tribe but the Costa Rican government is looking for more clean energy and the heads of state want this project done. We're just reporting what we see and if you would like to research this further on your own, perform a Google search. The project is called Diquis and it will be built by the Costa Rican Electric company ICE. Upon completion, a giant 70 KM2 lake will be formed and this property will have views directly over it.

The location of this property is so intriguing, the Costa Rican government has recently performed three separate studies on the parcel, researching a federally subsidized road that will intersect through a small portion of the property on the northern side. This will immediately raise land value due to increased commercial opportunities. This portion of the land can be subdivided into smaller parcels and sold for residential homes and hospitality businesses.

Demand for property here will be much higher because of the fishing and boating tourism that the lake will bring in. There will be several high hill building areas on the ranch that will have unobstructed lake views. As soon as the project is green lighted, the price per acre will increase dramatically and this will be a huge jack pot for a savvy land speculator! Even if the dam isn't built, the value of this property is still tremendous as farm land, but if the dam is built – the sky is the limit.

Versatile Land For A Wide Range Of Ranching And Farming Businesses

For those looking to create income right away, this will be an excellent property. Expenses are minimal, it has good abundant water, on site electricity / telephone and it is one of the few remaining large undeveloped parcels in this area fronting the Inter-American highway. The property sits high with good views of the valley. It can be used to raise cattle as that was its former use. Large areas are suitable for sugar cane (50 acres are currently planted) and it also has potential for African Palm or for the growing of Teak for which there is a good market.

Currently the farm is mostly in reforestation of Teak and other hardwoods that are 20 years of age and can be harvested at any time for an immediate return on investment or for construction use. Many farmers in this area are making great money in cattle, Papaya and Yuca. Palm Oil farming is also becoming popular in the area.

Exporting your products to market will not be a problem with over 1 mile or 1.4 KM of highway frontage and perfect internal roads as well. Transportation to any of Costa Rica's ports or airports will be quick and efficient. The land is close to the $1 billion dollar ICE hydro-electric project so roads and other infrastructure in the area are sure to be very well maintained year round. Farm equipment is on site and can be negotiated with the purchase.

217 Acres Of This Property Are Available For Separate Purchase

If you like the location but would like a smaller land parcel, a 217 acre piece of the property is available for $352,000 with an asking price reduction of $528,000! If you would like to view the listing, you can check it out here:

217 Acre Costa Rica Hardwood Farm

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