Helpful Guide to Finding Real Estate in Costa Rica



Our goal is to help you find the exact type of real estate in Costa Rica that you are looking for—quickly and easily. Perhaps you are a real estate investor looking for incredible deals, or maybe you are only interested in seeing properties by the beach or properties with waterfalls. The links here will point you in the right direction.

You can customize your search results by using our Advanced Search Tool. Try to limit your search to just a few parameters and keep in mind that some combinations are not a good fit, like searching for
“5 bedrooms” on “Undeveloped Land”—you won’t get any results with that. Of course, the most effective way to find the perfect property for you is to simply contact us, and one of our professional investment advisors will send you tailored listings specific to your requirements.

For your convenience, we have segmented our listings based on their unique characteristics. Below, we have provided links to property categories that you may find useful in your search:


Hospitality businesses and vacation homes that generate revenue

These listings feature homes great for investors looking for a vacation home in Costa Rica that also have solid rental histories to subsidize the purchase. Expect to find furnished homes with very nice amenities that are near the beach and in high demand tourist areas.

Click here to view properties that produce Vacation Rental Income

These listings are great for someone looking to move to Costa Rica and generate income directly from where they live. Expect to find homes with private living quarters, large kitchens, and usually on a relatively large parcel of land.

Click here to view Bed and Breakfasts and Boutique Hotels

Full service hotels, some with bars and restaurants, that are in operation right now. Own a turn key business, on prime real estate with incredible opportunities for expansion. These hospitality businesses are affordable and enjoy a steady flow of income from tourists flocking to Costa Rica from all over the world.

Click here to view Hotel and Resort Commercial Businesses

The next group of properties have on-site professional management and marketing services. These homes and condos are great for busy investors who don’t have the time to manage the rental, maid service, and landscaping of their properties.

Click here to view properties with Professional Management

Owning income producing properties (residential rentals, vacation rentals, bed and breakfasts, hotels, and other commercial businesses) is the best way to build wealth in real estate. The possibilities are very real for positive cash flow, appreciation and several tax benefits which all play a strong role in increasing your net worth… and when done right your tenants, through the rents they pay, are making it all happen for you.

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Find homes based upon how many acres are in the property

With homes situated on smaller parcel sizes, expect to find beachfront homes, townhomes, and condos located in high-demand popular tourist destinations. Even though you don’t have acreage, many of the best vacation rentals can be found in this category.

Click here to view homes on land under an acre

You won’t find any condos in this category of listings. A nice mix of move-in-ready homes on a decent parcel of land.

Click here to view homes with 1 to 2 Acres of land

Now you are starting to get some breathing space. You will find some luxury homes and some incredible steals here!

Click here to view homes with 3 to 4 Acres of land

If you are looking for large gardens and walking trails that are often frequented by wildlife, then these are the listing for you!

Click here to view homes with 5 to 7 Acres of land

Other than the upscale hotel with the luxury vacation home (an incredible property), the other listings are very private and surrounded by their own natural rainforest.

Click here to view homes with 8 to 10 Acres of land

Home listings sorted with a spectacular amount of land for those seeking privacy. You own it and no one will ever be able to build next to you.

Click here to view homes with over 11 Acres of land

We love this type of search for buyers looking for the privacy that land provides, but don’t want to put forth the effort of building their own custom homes from scratch. Also great for those looking to move to Costa Rica, have a roof over their head, and expand on the same property!

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Our most exclusive real estate listings for upscale buyers

These homes have all of the amenities you could find anywhere in the world. Simply beautiful homes that are often rented out as income producing vacation rentals when not in use by the lucky owners.

Click here to view High End Luxury Estates and Upscale Homes

Homes on large land parcels that provide privacy with plenty of opportunities for expansion.

Click here to view Homes on Over 11 Acres of Land

Find the largest and the best land parcels in Costa Rica. Ideal investment properties, upscale resort and residential building sites, or land preservation for wealthy benefactors who want to leave a long lasting legacy for future generations.

Click here to view Land Over a Million Dollars

Enjoy peace of mind with properties featuring around the clock security in private, gated communities. Find existing homes, luxury building sites, and high end townhomes in exclusive resorts here.

Click here to view Homes and Land in Private Gated Communities

Perfect listings for boat owners, divers, and fishermen.

Click here to view Marina Properties

These listings are located in upscale golf resorts or are adjacent to a golf course.

Click here to view Golf Resort Properties

If you are looking to build a custom estate home, please contact us for recommendations on the most exclusive neighborhoods to seek out in Costa Rica. We will target the ideal location for you based upon the exact parameters you set.

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Click here to view properties with fresh water including waterfalls, rivers, and streams

These one-of-a-kind properties have a real jungle vibe with views of a waterfall or actually have a private, natural waterfall on the land. Needless to say, these listings move fast!

Click here to view properties featuring a Waterfall

These listings have river views or have rivers and streams flowing through the property year round. There is nothing more relaxing than the tranquil sound of a river.

Click here to view properties featuring Rivers and Streams

Perfect for “off-the-grid” self-sustainable types. These listings feature a natural fresh water source. This is also a good option if you want to see listings with both rivers and waterfalls.

Properties featuring a Natural Fresh Water Source

This is where the truly magical Costa Rican properties are located. Most of these listings are abundant with tropical wildlife due to the fresh water source and private locations. These are incredible properties for a private retreat or ecotourist destinations.

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View working farms, palm oil farms, horse & cattle ranches, and large land parcels

Find working farms and large properties perfect for setting up a commercial business or a private hobby farm that will allow you to live a “self sustainable” lifestyle in Costa Rica.

Click here to view Farmland and Cattle Ranches

View our “Farms and Acreage” page and filter the listings by the amount of acreage you are seeking.

Click here to Locate Land Parcels by Size

We respect the farming community and can recommend perfect properties for the type of land you would like to work on. Contact us for more info.

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Real estate listings based on their proximity to the beach

These listings are as close to the ocean as you can get while still being on 100% titled land.

Click here to view Waterfront Real Estate

These listings are “Front Row” with whitewater ocean views and are within walking distance to the beach.

Click here to view Beachfront Real Estate

These “Close to the Beach” listings include both waterfront and beachfront real estate, plus properties that are only a short drive away from the beach. You’ll get more options with less building restrictions.

Recommended -> Click here to view Real Estate that is Close to the Beach

Everyone wants to be as close to the beach as possible, but there are very few true beachfront properties in Costa Rica that include full title. There are a few exceptions and there is Concession Land available, usually on 20 year leases from the government.

The Costa Rican government is highly protective of an area called the Public Maritime Zone – land located within 50 meters from the high tide zone. This ensures that the beaches are accessible to everyone and will remain clean and pristine, now and into the future.

For more information about building regulations by the beach, check out our informational page about: Costa Rican Coastal Building Regulations

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Tropical real estate featuring abundant wildlife

The next group of listings will produce many results. These are within a short distance to national ecological tourist destinations or are bordered by private protected nature reserves. There aren’t too many places in the world where you can have miles of protected rainforest as your backyard! Perfect locations for nature lovers or those looking for a tourism based businesses.

Click here to view listings Close to Both Large and Small Nature Reserves

Manuel Antonio listings are located within the most famous tourist destination in all of Costa Rica. Real estate in this area is high profile and is considered by many to be the safest bet in the country. People who live here enjoy the best of both worlds – the beauty of a national park with the amenities provided by businesses catering to international travelers.

Click here to view listings close to Manuel Antonio National Park

Playa Uvita and Bahia Ballena listings are close to a protected underwater park with views of the world famous “Whale’s Tail”. This area is frequented by scuba divers and water sport enthusiasts. It is a popular launching point for fishing charters and diving trips to Cano Island and Cocos Island. There are many protected rainforests here so this is the perfect place to enjoy both ocean and jungle wildlife!

Click here to view listings close to Marino Ballena National Park

These listings are perfect for investors looking to cater to the incredible ecotourism industry in Costa Rica. You will find everything from turn-key luxury vacation homes and hotels, to land perfect for starting your very own ecotourism based business. Of course, you can always purchase a property for your own private enjoyment. There are some really incredible properties here!

Click here to view properties Ideal For Ecotourism

We’re in Costa Rica and most of our listings feature tropical wildlife. However, it is useful to segment this search. If you want wildlife, but don’t want to be out in remote areas, try the searches next to Costa Rica’s famous national parks like Manuel Antonio and Marino Ballena.

If you are a real nature lover and want to feel like you are living in the middle of a Disney movie, try some of the other options here that will show properties bordered by private nature reserves. While you are browsing, take special note of the listings that have fruit trees – they are irresistible to wildlife! In any case, all of these properties are well known to have high monkey and bird activity!

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Real estate deals listed by motivated sellers below market value

Fire Sale Land Deals are a great opportunity for real estate speculators and home builders to pick up land listed below market value. Incredible real estate steals can be found here for investors with vision.

Fire Sale LAND Deals

Fire Sale Home Deals are perfect opportunities to pick up an affordable, move-in-ready home for yourself at great value. Also ideal for purchasing with the intent of flipping and turning a quick profit. The current homeowners want to sell quickly and have priced their properties accordingly.

Click to View Fire Sale Home Deals

Who doesn’t want to get the most bang for their buck? Here are building lots, land parcels, and move-in-ready homes for sale, listed by extremely motivated sellers. These properties have had recent price reductions and are often listed well below market value.

This is an excellent way to find great real estate deals and receive an excellent return on your investment. In the case where a sale is desired within a tight time frame, there may be additional opportunities to negotiate on price. Send us your bid and we’ll run it by the owner. It never hurts to ask and in some cases, an owner simply doesn’t have the time to wait for the best offer. Bookmark your favorites, email them to us, and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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Real estate listings that won’t break the bank

Our most affordable listings in the country. Great places to buy for relocating to Costa Rica.

Click here to view Move-In-Ready Homes in the $100k to $300k Price Range

The most affordable way to get into the real estate market in Costa Rica. Inexpensive land parcels to free up resources for a custom home. If you put in the work, your efforts will pay off.

Click here to view Building Lots Priced Under $100k

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Real estate listings for commercial, residential, and hospitality development projects

Land With Commercial Building Potential
Incredible land parcels to build commercial, hospitality, or residential projects on. Find ideal locations in up and coming areas in the country.

Beautiful land located in the most desirable tourist areas perfect for hospitality based businesses.

Click here to view Land For Resort Hotels

Great real estate listings for residential development projects.

Click here to view Subdividable Land For Sale

Whatever you can dream up, you can build it on these land parcels.

Click here to view Land Without Building Restrictions

View our “Farms and Acreage” page and filter the listings by how many acres you are seeking.

Locate Land Parcels by Their Acreage

View our “Building Lots” page and filter the listings by the price range you are seeking.

Locate Land Parcels by Price

We work frequently with land developers. As you can imagine, there are many nuances in regard to the types of projects you can build in the country. Tell us the type of project you are looking to build and we will send you a custom list of qualified land parcels.

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Properties ideal for surfing, boating, and fishing

Costa Rica is well known as a prime surf destination and these locations have everything a surfer looks for – steps to the beach, with waves breaking directly out front. The listings you will find here are ideal investments for buyers looking to cater to the throngs of traveling surfers who visit the country from all over the world.

Click here to view Properties for Surfers

You can find great charter fishing opportunities practically in any of the coastal areas in Costa Rica. The listings here are located in popular fishing destinations including some situated next to rivers with fresh water fishing.

Click here to view Properties Ideal For Fishing

You can still find affordable land by the beach, but it’s becoming much harder to find. That is exactly why investing in beachfront land in Costa Rica is such a good investment. If you can pull it off, do it immediately!

A tip for surfers on a budget – you will need to find a land parcel by the beach and build on it yourself. Fellow surfers from all over the world have been doing this for years. We highly recommend you sign up for email alerts and tell us that you are looking for surf property. Getting notified quickly is the key because surf properties move fast.

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Locations conveniently located next to town

These listings are in the Central Valley area of Costa Rica. Perfect for professionals who need quick access to the city and the airport.

Properties That Are Close to the Capital City of San Jose

These listings are in the Jaco area, a well developed beach town with a lot of activity and any amenity you could ask for.

Properties That Are in the Jaco area

These listings are in private, planned communities. Most are close to town and have in-house amenities.

Properties That Are in Planned Communities

These listings are either in town or are a relatively short drive away from the conveniences of town with supermarkets, bars, and restaurants.

Properties That Are Close to Town Amenities

Most of our listings have good access to a main highway but we’ve excluded the properties that are a little more “off the grid”.

Properties With Good Access to a Main Highway

An ideal option for retirees or those who have health concerns.

Properties Close to a Modern Hospital

Other than the capital city of San Jose, Costa Rica does not have very large cities and towns. The listings here focus on convenience where you can get in and out of town quickly. Whether you are a busy professional who needs to get to the airport quickly or would like to pop in and out of town to pick up some goods, these listings feature locations that are either in town or are within a few minutes drive.