Casey Stamps - Senior Agent at Costa Rica Real Estate Service


Originally from Ocean City, Maryland, Casey moved to Costa Rica in 1995 and has lived here ever since. Casey began his Real Estate career in Costa Rica as an Investment Adviser and quickly discovered that he greatly enjoyed helping investors find the best price for land and homes that perfectly suited their needs.

During this time, Casey quickly realized that there was a major demand in the market for honesty and hard work in the Costa Rican real estate market. He co-founded Costa Rica Real Estate Service with those principles in mind. He is very proud that his company has achieved a stellar track record of keeping real estate investors from across the globe satisfied with detailed due diligence that protects them through the purchase process and beyond.

Simply put, Casey’s vision for real estate opportunities in Costa Rica is second-to-none. He managed and shaped the direction of the upscale Ayacucho community, created the exclusive Solemar community above Dominicalito Bay, and continues to hit home runs for his clients. He provides sound practical advice and consistently positions his investors so well for financial gain that they keep coming back for more. Contacting other agents is fine, but if you are an investor looking for great deals in a recovering Costa Rican real estate market, then contacting Casey should be on your shortlist.

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Paul Dorr - Senior Agent at Costa Rica Real Estate Service


Born in Annapolis Maryland, Paul came to Costa Rica in 2000 after selling his successful business in the USA. He immediately fell in love with paradise and decided to stay. Having grown up on the coast of Maryland, the Mediterranean Coast in Spain, and also Puerto Rico, he immediately recognized the investment opportunity here in Playa Dominical and proceeded to invest and build.

While investing in several properties Paul recognized the need for a quality real estate service, so when the opportunity came to open and build Costa Rica Real Estate Service, he jumped at the chance. Now a naturalized Costa Rican citizen with a track record of real estate success in sales, personal investment, and development since 2001, he still enjoys going to work every day! Paul’s uncompromising code of ethics, with a personal touch of “Pura Vida” has brought hundreds of closings with a perfect record. With his knowledge and expertise in due diligence, he will eliminate any exposure you might have

Paul has personally watched the evolution of the Southern Zone and has an intimate knowledge of the region’s history. He has seen firsthand why people win and why they fail. He built and owns one of the most successful vacation rental properties in the local market and he knows what it takes to succeed here in Costa Rica. Paul is a true local and is an invaluable resource on where to find hidden opportunities and how to avoid potential pitfalls.

No matter what your goal is: moving to Costa Rica for retirement, purchasing quality investments for your portfolio, or helping you to get a quality “Eco-friendly” development done, Paul Dorr treats all of his clients’ deals as if he were making the investment for himself and will guide your monies to always maximize your investment!

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Office: 011-506-2787-0226

Keith Schenkel - Senior Agent at Costa Rica Real Estate Service


Keith Schenkel is an integral part of our team who will go the extra mile for his clients – whether it is a showcase home by the beach or driving up rough roads to a large land parcel in a remote part of the country – he is always reliable and can be counted on to serve his clients with everything he’s got. Keith puts the “Service” in Costa Rica Real Estate Service and everyone fortunate enough to work with him often raves about his devotion to fulfilling their needs.

Keith is from the greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Maryland, plus eight years of experience as a sales engineer. Later, he earned his real estate license in Maryland and performed a dual role as an agent and sales engineer.

After spending several vacations traveling around Costa Rica and falling in love with the country, he decided to relocate permanently in 2003. Upon his arrival, he worked in the Costa Rican hotel industry for two years and then joined the team at Costa Rica Real Estate Service in December 2005.

As a Senior Investment Advisor, bilingual in English and Spanish, and with dual citizenship in Costa Rica and the United States, he is dedicated to providing clients with an excellent and professional level of service that few others in the industry are capable of providing. He is thrilled at the opportunity to live in the spectacular coastal area of Dominical and to assist a diverse group of people with their real estate investment needs in Costa Rica. Keith’s superior level of service and unique insight into the region make him an invaluable resource to our worldwide client base.

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Office: 011-506-2787-0226

Clinton Stephenson - Senior Agent at Costa Rica Real Estate Service


Clinton Stephenson is a 1998 graduate of the University of Nebraska with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Minor in Political Science. He also attained a 1997 graduate of the Oxford University International Business Program. Clinton’s extensive Costa Rica work experience includes several management positions with the Punta Dominical Development Group and its partners from 2002 through 2011. In July 2012, he started working with Costa Rica Real Estate Service as a Senior Investment Advisor.

Clinton is fluent in Spanish and his responsibilities included: surveying and segregation, building infrastructure (roads, water/sewer systems, electrical systems), construction supervision, community relations, and company liaison with buyers of properties in the Punta Dominical communities which developed the high demand Las Olas and Canto del Mar communities located above Dominicalito Bay. Clinton has served on the boards of the Dominicalito Elementary School, the local police department, and the Una Mano Amiga Foundation. In 2012 Clinton owned and operated La Parcela Restaurant until it was purchased by a third party.

With his family, Clinton also owns a vacation rental home and other properties in Dominical and the southern zone. Clinton consistently lands high-end deals for an upscale clientele and is also our “go-to” guy in the downtown San Jose area. His vacation rental home in Dominical is consistently booked solid and he is the perfect person to look to for guidance when it comes to income-producing vacation rental properties.

Clinton was granted residency in Costa Rica in 2004 and is now in the process of earning citizenship. He is a genuine Costa Rica real estate pro and has an impeccable track record across the board.

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Cell: 011-506-8814-3296
Office: 011-506-2787-0226

Jordan Loesser - Senior Agent at Costa Rica Real Estate Service


Jordan Loesser is originally from Vero Beach, Florida, and has spent over 20 years living in Costa Rica. He has paid his dues here and knows the country like the back of his hand. He is personally invested here, has constructed many investment homes with his clients, and is happy to share his intimate knowledge of the country which will provide you the insight you need to make a sound investment suitable for your personal goals.

After finishing his Bachelor’s degree in Florida, Jordan immersed himself in the vibrant culture and geography that Costa Rica has to offer. Spending an abundance of time traveling the country’s rural and coastal landscapes, Jordan has developed contacts in many areas as well as sharpened his Spanish speaking skills to a fluent level. If Jordan is showing you around, you can rest assured that you are in very good hands.

If you want to know where the secret surf spots are, where the wildest rainforest is, where to find private waterfalls, where to find the best sunset views, or where the most “Tranquillo” locations are – Jordan’s passion in the amazing elements of Costa Rica and his vast knowledge of the real estate market are unparalleled. For those who wish to immerse themselves in the pure Costa Rica experience, Jordan is the perfect guide to finding the ideal Costa Rica real estate location for you.

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Cell: 011-506-8730-7523
Office: 011-506-2787-0226

Brett Degreen - Agent Costa Rica Real Estate Service


Brett joined our team in 2018 bringing his past real estate and sales management experience to our team. He explored all over Nicaragua and Costa Rica until he finally came to find his permanent home here in the Dominical area. He excels in finding the perfect property for all of his clients and has hands-on experience navigating all of the logistical issues of building a residence from the ground up. If you are an investor seeking a real estate advisor who can analyze the pros and cons of a property with an experienced perspective, Brett is an excellent person to work with.

Brett is originally from Tucson, AZ. but has also lived in Colorado and San Francisco. He studied fine art at the University of Denver and received his degree in Industrial Design from Metropolitan State University in Denver, CO. Brett has worked in various sales and business development roles, utilizing his problem-solving abilities.

In 2011, Brett was transitioning into a career in Real Estate while living in San Francisco when he made his first trip to Central America. It quickly became evident that he was sold, and in 2013 he made the permanent move and has never looked back. He met his wife in Nicaragua, and together they moved to the Dominical area where all of his experience has come together as a valued member of the Costa Rica Real Estate Service team.

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Cell: 011-506-8830-5192
USA Cell: 720-259-7770
Office: 011-506-2787-0226

Trevor Brown - Agent at Costa Rica Real Estate Service


A native of Sun Valley, Idaho Trevor spent most of his time in the northwest from Idaho to California. A graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno, Trevor has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on International Business and minor degrees in both Spanish and Marketing. Before moving to Costa Rica, Trevor had his Sales Agent License in the state of Idaho.

Originally brought to Costa Rica as an exchange student in 2006, Trevor drove down to Costa Rica in 2009 where he settled in Playa Dominical seeking the simple, yet rich lifestyle he’d found during his studies. “I’ve searched the globe looking for a place with the greatest day-to-day quality of life. For me, Costa Rica is this and is unlike any place I’ve ever seen. I’m grateful for each day I spend here”

Trevor is an outdoor enthusiast, dedicated surfer, and Real Estate Agent with a wealth of local knowledge and commitment to professionalism. Recognized as an honest and hardworking individual, Trevor strives to ensure you are comfortable and confident in your investment decisions. His contacts and resources guarantee that you will be shown the best options on the market and he will personally guide you through the entire Real Estate process. There is no investment too big, or too small.

Email: [email protected]
Cell: 011-506-8500-8114
Office: 011-506-2787-0226

Alejandro Vega - Customer Service at Costa Rica Real Estate Service


Alejandro is a native Costa Rican with established working relationships with a wide variety of companies catering to the tourism sector. Alejandro joined our team in August 2017 and he has grown into the role of Real Estate Investment Advisor. Living in the San Isidro area, his intimate local knowledge and connections are a great asset for anyone working with him.

If you are looking to find affordable hidden gems away from touristic areas, particularly up in the mountains around San Isidro, there is no better source than to confer with someone who was born and raised there. Also if you require logistical help with an upcoming trip to Costa Rica, Alejandro is the man to talk to. He can seamlessly schedule transportation from the airport, book rental cars, arrange adventure tours, hire personal chefs, and coordinate many other activities for you.

Email: [email protected]
Cell: 011-506-7025-2255
Office: 011-506-2787-0226


The foundation of our continued success begins and ends with how we treat our customers – both before and after the sales process. When you work with our team, you will receive the personal attention that goes far beyond buying and selling properties.

We realize that purchasing a property in a foreign country can be intimidating, so we will walk you through every step of the process, informing you about the logistics, what you can expect to find in each location, and the potential benefits or risks involved with each transaction. Our goal is to provide you with the type of trusted and unbiased information that you can base a life-changing decision on.

An obvious example would be a retiree with health concerns. We’re not going to recommend real estate that doesn’t have quick access to a healthcare facility capable of treating their specific medical need. Each person will have a unique set of requirements and you can count on our intimate knowledge of Costa Rica to ensure that you are presented with a tailored set of options that are ideal for you.

We’re going to provide you with the full picture, even if the information disqualifies a property that you may have been seriously considering. Ultimately the decision is yours, but we believe that you will find our advice will be an invaluable resource. We leave the hard-pressure sales tactics to the others because we’re in this for the long haul.

Whether you are looking for a million-dollar property or just have general questions about Costa Rica, reach out to us and meet our team. You will see firsthand why we have developed such long-lasting relationships with our clients.