If you live anywhere in the Americas, and most likely even in Europe, then you have heard the buzz about this Central American paradise. Maybe you’ve already visited and promised yourself you’d return. Maybe you’re still looking at websites and brochures, plotting your escape to a tranquil tropical beach. Wouldn’t it be nice, though, to have your own little slice of paradise and be able to come back again and again?

Tens of thousands of people from all over the world have made the jump to live in Costa Rica, whether permanently or part-time. The country has become a bit of a “melting pot” of colorful cultures over recent decades.

With the recent infrastructure improvements in Southern Costa Rica, either recently completed (modern hospital, championship golf course, main coastal highway) or soon to be completed (luxury marina, hydo-electric plant, international airport), the real estate in this region is about to take off! Add in the fact that real estate in this part of the country is much more affordable than in the north. The region is also much more lush and tropical.


Both large and small developers see the incredible growth potential and are buying up land for large residential and hotel projects. A prime example would be the Crocodile Bay Resort and Marina that will bring boating enthusiasts into the region from all over the world. You can bet that there will be many more residential projects to follow.

If you are looking for “ground floor” opportunities to get into the market before the word gets out, we have two listings that you may be interested in:

Building Lots in Homes at the San Buenas Golf Resort
Building Lots in Homes at the Brisas de Osa

Both of these projects are located in the Osa Peninsula and would make great investments for those looking to buy a vacation home with high growth potential. We will be adding new home, condo, and land listings for this region on a regular basis. We recommend that you sign up for our email alerts when these types of properties in Southern Costa Rica come online.