When investing your hard earned money in real estate, a return on your investment is usually your number one concern. However, there is a unique satisfaction of owning land In Costa Rica that many people overlook. While we were drafting copy for a new listing, our senior investment advisor, Paul Dorr, mentioned a unique feature of the land that actually makes it priceless.

Paul made note of the ancient Ceiba (Kapok) trees located throughout the property. No matter how much money you have, trees like this can not be replicated, that is unless you have a few hundred years to wait around. With that said, owning land with unique characteristics – like Ceiba trees – provides a deep rooted sense of pride because there is such a rich story to be told.

Paul’s Notes On The Ancient Ceiba Trees In Costa Rica

Massive Ceiba Tree in Costa Rica

Paul Dorr At the Base Of An Ancient Ceiba Tree In Dominical

The Ceiba tree produces a seed that floats through the air on fine filaments (like in the movie Avatar). The filament is wax coated, water resistant and buoyant. Before the invention of synthetic fiber fills, this flax filament was once exclusively used to fill life jackets and pillows.

There was once a huge industry built up around the harvesting of the flax filaments to save our sailors and others all over the world’s oceans in World War II! Without this tree, many would have drowned. The survivors in the Titanic tragedy were also using these very same life jackets. Maybe there is some truth to the indigenous beliefs that this tree is sacred! Due to the sheer size of these trees, harvesting of the Ceiba was not for the faint of heart or those with vertigo.

It is said to cut down the Ceiba tree is a curse and will bring harm to you, your family, and your village for life and afterlife.

The Ceiba tree is also the only tree native to Africa and the Americas. There are many conflicting theories on its origin. Some scientists say the seeds made it into the jet stream and floated in the air over to the other continent. Another strong theory is that the seeds drifted in the ocean currents. Both are entirely possible and the true answer is still unknown.

The Ceiba tree was also revered by all the advanced indigenous cultures of the Americas such as the Maya, Aztec and Inca etc.

To have one (hunreds of years old) on your own property you are truly blessed by nature and would be the wish of any economized person and definitely an atraction and the envy of your friends. I have always wanted one.

The Ceiba tree is also considered an Alpha tree by ecologists because this tree provides the shade needed over a larger area for many species of primary forest trees to be able to germinate and rapidly thrive. This helps regenerate quality forest in a larger area much more rapidly. The majority of primary forest trees can not germinate and do not grow well in all day direct sunlight and will die.

It is common to see these trees standing alone in a field because of lingering superstition to cut them down. When the field is abandoned it is very interesting to see the forest only coming back first all around the tree. Almost like the giant tree is protecting its children!

If you are interested in viewing the property that was the inspiration for this post,
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