Eco Feria Camino Real Dominical
(Organic Farmer’s Market Main Street Dominical)
“Locally Made Magic” to create a better world

Where: Patron’s Restaurant and Event Center
Main Street Downtown Dominical
When: Fridays at 8:30 AM – 1:30 PM

The open-air “amphitheater” at Patron’s Restaurant in Dominical is host to the area’s newest Organic Farmer’s Market or as it is known locally, “Eco Feria”. A host of local producers with various products are generating a circular economy and symbiotic relationship with the local inhabitants of Playa Dominical. Fruits, vegetables, crafts, art, food, music, yoga, and therapies are among the growing list of what makes up the market. This is a space for healing and moving the evolution of the people beyond just food. In the span of a week, the growth is noticeable.

Although the event shares commonalities with other markets in the area in terms of content and message, there are distinctive qualities to what’s being built in Dominical. Now after its 18th week, coordinator Keyna Aguilar Corella wants you to know what they’re creating and why it’s important. Born out of an initiative from Keyna’s mother Estela, the event encourages the community to gather to share organic and plastic free products made by local producers.

A very unique quality is that the vast majority of products are directly from the source and have no resellers. A few items that are in high demand and compliment the local collection of eco-friendly products are imported from places such as the Far East.

Organizers are hoping to create a space where people can understand more about what Costa Rica is all about. The country’s culture is established but also in tune with outside influences. Many people born here now have roots from other countries. It’s important to pass on those local traditions while creating a healthy world market. This is a project started by Costa Ricans who want to be an example for the rest of the country and the world.

Coordinators are conscious of the project’s development goals and what it means for the communities vendors and residents. There is a commitment to increase awareness of the resources available and our dependence on plastics and other environmental pollutants.

“The Eco-feria is a space for the development of our artisans and farmers who promote healthy coexistence and harmony with the community”. -Krishna Solano Aguilar (sister of Keyna, and Co-Creator)

Very little trash is resulted from the market, as most things are used wisely and successfully recycled. All participants must use their knowledge to generate and spread awareness. New strategies and ways to promote good habits in the community are welcome!

Creating the right vibration is crucial and that starts with the music. Spearheaded by local music guru Ken Maratta. The eco-feria is always bringing the live music.

“It’s almost like a little party. I think we should make it more of a party, where every week there’s a performance of some sort. I think what makes us special is it’s a little funkier and a little more lively, and people are enjoying the energy.” –Ken Maratta

Dominical residents are happy to have an organic market to embrace in their own backyard. The high season will offer an even better opportunity to increase participation. If locals and new visitors show up each Friday from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm, even for a few minutes to show support and give their input to the collective hive mind, the positive steps happening right here in Dominical will continue. We’ll see you there!

Eco Feria Camino Real Dominical
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Author: Landon Harris