From a client of Casey Stamps…

My luckiest day is when I found Costa Rica Real Estate Service and started working with Casey Stamps. I think I gave him maybe a couple of weeks notice to show me properties. I had a specific price range and area that I was interested in. When I landed in Costa Rica, he arranged a driver to pick me up so I could meet up with him. By the end of the day, I had found the wonderful house I was looking for.

His agency is not like some of the national brands like Century 21, Remax, etc. I messed around with them for about 2 months. They never listened and didn’t come close to emailing something I was interested in, or close to the money I wanted to spend. Since the closing on the great property, Casey has been there to answer questions, look for a vehicle, help with a shipping company, etc, etc.

If you want a real estate company that listens and works hard to find what you want, takes you thru closing (even if you are out of the country), and then helps with any questions, this is the one! When they say that they will help make you happy and comfortable with your purchase, they mean it. I would recommend them as the only realtor to deal with in Costa Rica.

Pam, a recent retiree from the USA

From a client of Clinton Stephenson…

I did not want to let go the opportunity to thank you all, especially Clinton, for his superb Customer Service with the transaction of the purchase of Villa # 4 at Terraces at San Martin. Clinton brought his client to the first viewing and was very enthusiastic and well prepared, traits that continued during a process that took almost one year. Every time all of us met, he was just as enthusiastic as the first time. Our sale went very well and we finally closed yesterday at noon. The whole process was a crazy ride, but working with Clinton made it fun.

Clinton took care of both his client and Axiom during the negotiation, contracting, due diligence and closing processes. I am sure he will continue to support both parties well into the future. Clinton, Costa Rica Real Estate Service and Axiom have set a new standard in condominium quality and pricing for the Costa Ballena area! Congratulations to all. In short, we are extremely pleased with our experience with Clinton and CRRES. We certainly look forward to our next sale together, which I have no doubt will happen soon.

Joaquin Duenas, Director of Sales and Marketing, AXIOM DEVELOPMENT GROUP SRL

From a client of Paul Dorr…

After visiting the Southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica only twice, my husband and I both agreed that Costa Rica would be our retirement destination. As a result, we were highly recommended to contact Paul Dorr at Costa Rica Real Estate Service. We met Paul in March of 2014, and we were very impressed with his professionalism and years of experience in Costa Rican real estate. During this visit, Paul was able to show us many listings and spent hours with us explaining the various procedures required to purchase real estate in Costa Rica. During the entire time spent with Paul, he was always patient, he listened, and most of all, always went the extra mile in making sure we understood all procedures once we found our ideal property.

In June of 2014, we became proud owners of Costa Rica property in Uvita. Only through Paul’s honesty, integrity, and attention to detail was he able to make the closing procedures simple for us. Currently, my husband and I are still working with Paul as he continues to go the extra mile in introducing us to local architects, contractors, and helping us understand the required permits needed to take us to the next step in making our dream house come true. Ultimately, Paul has become a great friend, a great resource, and a great asset who always makes time for us when we need his expertise. Simply said, Paul Dorr is the best real estate agent we have ever met and would recommend him endlessly! Thank you so much Paul!

Yvette Terrell

From a client of Clinton Stephenson…

Dear Clinton, On behalf of me and my client, Drew Hall, I want to thank you for your work on his purchasing Lot 4 in La Reserva. I was most impressed by your skills in handling the negotiation, the due diligence and the closing. Your knowledge of the local area and the Costa Rican procedures was impressive and helpful to my client and to me as well. You did a great job coordinating the transaction that worked well for, I believe, both the byer and the seller. I would highly recommend your services to anyone looking to buy or sell a home or property in the area. I was especially impressed given that I am a US real estate attorney and own property in Costa Rica myself.

Thanks again. Bruce R. Baird

From a client of Keith Schenkel…

“Client” seems like such a detached word. I feel like Keith is part of our family now. What broker in the US, would drive 4 hours to meet you at the airport, just to go shopping? What salesman in the US, would trek all over 90 acres of mountainous jungle, to check out your property for you? His handling of our purchase, went above and beyond!

It’s been several months since our close and we still would call Keith if we need anything. I don’t know how we would have done it without him. Having a good real estate agent, is a necessity. He introduced us to the best lawyer, our insurance agent and also the locals. He helped us find a good vehicle and then figure out how to buy one in Costa Rica. He explained how the taxes work. He was a go between / interpreter / guide. But most of all, true friend! Thank you, Keith! Pura Vida!


From a client of Jordan Loesser…

The first time we met Jordan, he immediately set us at ease. We were in a new country and had little, if any, knowledge of the area. We arrived late with no phone services, but he waited for us and even took the time to show us how to get to our rental. As he showed us property over the next two visits, he took his time to explain all the details, possibilities, strengths and weaknesses of each parcel. We have bought several properties from Jordan and Costa Rica Real Estate Service. Jordan is a fine agent but more important, a good friend.

Bret and Julie from Montana, USA and Escaleras, Costa Rica

Chuck and Jane

From a client of Casey Stamps…

I spent 20 years exploring Costa Rica and have always been drawn to Dominical for it’s cooler breezes and good waves. During that time, I’ve watched the area evolve and finally decided to take the plunge and build a home here. When I finally zeroed in on the property we wanted to purchase, Casey was very informative and that made us comfortable so that we were able to enjoy the process and relax knowing we had made a sound investment in the new location for our dream home. On top of the purchase, Casey has been a great source of information about local and national architects, crews, engineers, and the many facets of the construction and finishing. As we are fellow Scots, I think I owe him a wee dram of single malt Laphroaig.

Ian and Amy

From a client of Clinton Stephenson…

Clinton, I’m writing to follow up and thank you again for pulling the proverbial “Rabbit out of the Hat” with the sale of our lot in Dominical. From sourcing the buyer, to getting the price right and getting the deal concluded your service and expertise were beyond reproach.

Being that our lot was in a gated neighborhood with only a handful of other home owners, all who purchased their property around the same time, we eventually became a part of a close-knit community of owners after 8 years. Accordingly, we felt accountable to pricing the lot right so as to protect the value of our friends properties, relative to market comps. Clinton, as our broker you were sensitive to that and to cap the market with the price you got for us, the highest in the area YTD, was amazing.

Despite my being located in the States and the property and closing there in Costa Rica, it didn’t appear to make a bit of difference to you as the escrow period from contract to closing went by without a hitch. I appreciate how communicative and cooperative you were, working with our schedules in arranging time to speak and Skype and patiently taking the time to educate us on protocol and processes in Costa Rica that our different from ours here in the States.

The final part of our thanks goes to you for referring us to our closing attorney, Carlos Arraya. What a great guy, with an incredible bedside manner of his own and flawless command of the English language. Feel good promoting Carlos’ service to any and everyone else who may need legal services there as he was truly a delight.

Clinton, in my 17 years as a real estate professional here in Charleston, SC, I’ve experienced my fair share of real estate closings, however, i can’t recall one more seamless and delightful than our lot sale in Costa Rica thanks to the job you and Carlos did managing it. If you ever need a testimonial or a referral please don’t hesitate to ask as I was extremely impressed on the job you did handling our sale.

Thank you again for all your hard work and for getting us the sale price you did. We are eternally grateful. Cheers!

Hunter Pierce, Happy Seller Client – p.s. GO BIG RED

From a client of Casey Stamps…

I have been a client of CRRES since its inception. Casey and his associates have assisted me in a variety of transactions buying and selling both homes and raw land. They have been a great resource for help with permitting, utilities and land utilization. Most recently CRRES represented us in the sale of our custom luxury home in Dominical. Their marketing and reputation brought us realtors and a buyer from outside our area. As usual, the whole process was smooth and professional. Great job!

JSR, Wilmington N.C.

From a client of Jordan Loesser…

Five years later we remain so happy to have bought in Escaleras — we talk about it all the time, and we owe it all to you of course. Beautiful AND a great investment.

Dan Mall

From a client of Clinton Stephenson…

Clinton, You have made our dream come true! Buying a home is a difficult process anywhere but when that is compounded with purchasing in a foreign country, one must have a realtor that is trustworthy, attentive, and patient. Clinton, you have been all of those things to my husband and me during this process of finding the perfect home to fit our needs in the most beautiful country with the kindest people, Costa Rica! All the questions we had, either by text or email, were answered in such a timely manner that we felt that we were your most important client.

After the purchase was completed, you continued to be extremely helpful with contractors, setting up utilities, internet, etc. Going to the bank with us to translate for us to set up a bank account was probably the most thoughtful and sincere act of kindness as we began adjusting to our new country. Words do not adequately express our deepest appreciation for you and your great staff. We have already recommended you to several of our friends that share the same interest in moving to the peaceful, lovely country of Costa Rica. Thank you again! We look forward to continuing a business and personal relationship with you!

Best Regards, Chris and Diane Dalton

From a client of Clinton Stephenson & Keith Schenkel…

My son and I have had the pleasure of working with two different brokers at Costa Rica Real Estate Service. Our first experience was with Keith Schenkel. Four years ago we decided to look for property in the Dominical area of Costa Rica. The purpose of our trip was to learn about the area and get a better understanding of the property values and atmosphere. We were lucky to find Keith and worked with him to purchase our property. Our original plan was to buy a small vacation home that could serve as rental property when we were not in town. After viewing multiple properties we found a beautiful location in The Hills of Portalon that had two homes and a caretaker casa. The transactions went through quickly and we were part of the Pura Vida experience. Keith helped with making sure we were connected with the right people and our journey began.

Along the way my son and I discussed selling one of the homes and put them both up for sale. We did not care which home sold because both were beautiful, had great views and would accommodate our needs. Well, the first home sold about one year ago and Clinton Stephenson from the same group helped with the transaction. We received a fair price and were very happy with his representation. Then he brought a second buyer for our larger home and the casa. We were happy to discuss this and found it to be very beneficial to go ahead and sell the second home.

Clinton again was the agent for this sale and kept everything on track. We had a few glitches along the way based on issues with transfer of vehicles out of our corporation etcetera but Clinton stepped in and made sure all legal issues were resolved. He worked with the buyers, the property association and the notaries to finalize the sale with all paperwork complete and accurate. That was the transactional part of the engagement. Now I want to tell you how happy I was with the personal side of our engagement.

My son and I both feel that the entire group at Costa Rica Real Estate Service are friends and confidants. Starting with the first engagement through to the close of the second home we felt that Keith and Clinton always had our interest in the forefront of their minds. I am sure my son will be looking to invest again in the future and if we choose to come back to Costa Rica we will use Costa Rica Real Estate Service and these two outstanding agents.

Thank you to both of you for your hard work, knowledge and friendship!

Sharon Haigh

From a client of Clinton Stephenson…

Clinton knows how to get deals closed. His bilingual abilities and contacts with legal counsel made our closing go smoothly. Highly recommended!!

Yates Dew

From a client of Keith Schenkel…

I have been coming to Costa Rica for twenty years, but buying real estate in a foreign country was unknown territory for me. I had looked at a couple of places and quickly learned you could get into trouble pretty fast.

Then I found a house on the Costa Rica Real Estate Service website. I had the great fortune of speaking to Keith Schenkel. He had the knowledge of the market to know the house was a good deal. He alerted me to all the pitfalls and connected me with a great attorney. The process was so smooth and it is now a year later and we have no regrets. Keith didn’t just want to sell a house, he wanted to make sure this was the right house for me.

However, the service didn’t stop there. Keith did us many favors in the process since we were out of the country. Also being new to an area leaves you vulnerable. So we contacted Keith when we needed a bug man, a yard man, a construction company, a school etc. He is such an honorable man and I value his judgement. If that wasn’t enough, he lent me his truck to move a bed I bought. I didn’t find an agent, I found a friend!

I also met others in the office who were equally as knowledgable and gracious. This isn’t just a full service real estate company, this is full service humanity!

Janice Krabbe M.D.

From a client of Paul Dorr…

We have been to Costa Rica 10 times in the last 12 years, and finally decided to purchase our retirement home. We happened upon a private sale but had to return home. In need of an English speaking lawyer we emailed at least 12 real estate companies asking if they could help us out… we had no response. We found CRRES on the web and thought we would send one last email. Much to our surprise Paul called us at our home in Canada to advise us of the problems that can arise. Not only did he give us great information but referred us to the lawyer that they use. The lawyer also called us to offer advise.

We could not believe the honesty and integrity that we received. That deal fell through and we contacted Paul on our next trip. The level of professionalism was phenomenal. Paul took the time and patience to discuss all of our options and we eventually found the ideal home.

From the time that we set foot in the door of the office we felt at home. We still have questions and require assistance and Paul is always there. His knowledge and service from purchase to escrow was second to none. Without Paul’s help we probably would never have made the purchase. We are looking forward to returning to spend our first vacation in our own home. These guys are the best and we would recommend them to anyone.

Brian and Kim from Canada

From a client of Clinton Stephenson…

We cannot say enough about the above and beyond service we received from Clinton and Casey of Costa Rica Real Estate Services. We began our search with Casey in the San Isidro Del General area and then down to Platainillo. Though we liked the area, it was not for us and Casey maintained that you have to find the right elevation for you in Costa Rica. Clinton then took over as we were looking at a property up in the mountains of Alajuela. We found the property online and Clinton arranged to show us the property.

We were unsure if the property would be right for us however Clinton seemed to know prior to seeing it that it was for us because he listened to our wants and needs. Clinton checked local land prices and guided us through the process to a successful offer. Clinton not only showed us the property, he went so far above and beyond through closing and even after closing, to ensure we had everything from taking over web site to opening a local bank account. Clinton put us in touch with an amazing legal specialist in Carlos Araya who handled the paperwork, while Clinton ensured every detail was handled.


Clinton even made a comment to Leighsha that totally surprised us after she thanked him for what she considered to be way above and beyond, Clinton’s response – “that is just what we do here at Costa Rica Real Estate Service”. Our home has already closed, and the guys at Costa Rica Real Estate Service are still helping us, that in itself says it all.

JD and Leighsha

From a client of Casey Stamps…

For more than 6 years, I have enjoyed my relationship with Costa Rica Real Estate Service. In good markets and bad, they have always shown the highest of professionalism with a personal touch. Buying, selling, financing, investing, building and loyalty. They have helped with all aspects of my business! I can’t ask for much better service and I should know. I have been licensed as a Real Estate professional for the past 38 years.

Robert Ruggieri, American Heritage Realty

From a client of Jordan Loesser…

Thanks so much for all you did and still do for us. I had traveled to Costa Rica in search of an ideal climate, quiet and seclusion away from the big city noise and pollution, and a reasonable cost of living.
Jordan found all this and more for us on the Southern Pacific coast just above Dominical. I had been researching properties in Costa Rica for over a year before arriving in the country for the first time. I had several properties picked out that I wanted to tour. I had thought I would purchase near Lake Arenal or in the central valley but had not totally ruled out the Southern Pacific. I was hoping to purchase a larger parcel of 200 or more acres to get back to nature and away from the congestion of the city. Unfortunately the two properties that I was most interested in had sold before I arrived.

Many of the properties I was interested in said 4 wheel drive access which I considered a plus so as to reduce traffic in the area. What I didn’t realize when they say 4 wheel drive access it usually meant something with at least a foot of ground clearance. Jordan assured me he could locate a property that would check all my boxes and that he did. He located a property in a gated community with 2 wheel drive access and even though the property is only 12.5 acres it borders primary forest and you can see for miles and can maybe make out 2 rooftops way off in the distance. The property is surrounded by trees and borders a stream. Water and electricity were also already present on the property. I had only allowed for a couple of days to tour this part of the country so we were really pressed for time to seal the deal before we returned to the USA.

We made an offer and Jordan submitted it the the owner who was residing in the US. The owner made a counter offer and we excepted. Jordan then took us to the Attorney and we competed the paperwork.

The whole process was quick and painless and was completed in just a few hours. The Attorney and his staff and the staff at the Escrow office all spoke perfect English and were an absolute pleasure to do business with and Jordan stayed with us through the entire process. I feel I bought a great property at a very good price. I ended up spending about a third as much as I though I would have to spend to get exactly what I wanted in a home site. Jordan seemed to be on a first name basis with all the locals and when we mentioned a couple of excursions we would like to do while there he pulled out his cell phone and a couple calls and we were all set to go. I have not retired and relocated to Costa Rica as of yet but in the mean time Jordan still keeps me posted on whats going on in the area and manages the maintenance on the property. Jordan is a great agent and a great friend so when you decide you are ready to purchase your “Piece of Paradise” give Jordan a call, I am confident he will be able to check all your boxes also.

Jordan, thanks so much for all you have done for us and continue to do. Have a Great Life my friend!

John A. in Kansas USA

From a client of Keith Schenkel…

We can highly recommend Keith Schenkel as the agent to use for your property search in Costa Rica. While there in February, Keith showed us several properties and vacant land from Dominical to San Isidro el General. He was able to find us the right property that fit our criteria. He also had an excellent attorney that made our closing smooth and worry free. We do not hesitate to recommend Keith as your agent for real estate in the Southern Pacific area.


From a client of Clinton Stephenson…

Betty and I would like to say a few words about our experience during our recent real estate transactions with you. When we came to Costa Rica last Spring to look at real estate, you took your time and expertise to help us through every phase of the process of buying in a country we knew very little about. You kept in close contact with us before we got there and showed us several properties. When we found the one we liked, you helped in negotiating a fair price with the foreign owners, and put us in touch with a good attorney to close the deal. These are the things I would expect from a good real estate agent, most agents would consider their job done at closing when they got their commission check.

Clinton, you have gone beyond the call of duty to help us after the sale. You arranged for people to get done what we wanted done, and have given us some very good suggestions to reach our goals. The list could go on and on. To conclude, we are very happy with your service and will recommend you to everyone. You are a great real estate agent.

Jim & Betty Civis from Lamar, Colorado

From a client of Paul Dorr…

For anyone wanting to experience the Pura Vida way of living on the south Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Paul from Costa Rica Real Estate Service is one of the most knowledgeable people in the area, certainly in opportunities and real estate!

Rick Macnab – Managing Partner Western Region Business Development, Bank of Canada

From a client of Clinton Stephenson…

My wife and I visited Costa Rica for my birthday in January, and had the pleasure of meeting Clinton Stephenson on the last day of our visit in the Dominical area. We have been visiting Costa Rica for the last five years regularly, and had dreamed of owning a piece of real estate in the country. From the moment we met Clinton, we knew he was the person that would help our dream become a reality.

Buying property in a foreign country can be scary and stressful, but going through this process was much more relaxed than I ever imagined. Clinton and Costa Rica Real Estate Service went above and beyond in every single circumstance for us. We closed on the property over two months ago, and we are still getting a level of customer service that is rare for any industry. Clinton has been helping us with all of our questions, or putting us in touch with the people that can help. He has never refused to share information, and continues to go above and beyond at all times.

If you are interested in buying property in Costa Rica, I would personally recommend Clinton Stephenson and Costa Rica Real Estate Service.

My wife and I would like to say “Thank You” for working with us.

Kind Regards, Mark and Jo Begley

From a client of Keith Schenkel…

Buying real estate is probably the biggest personal financial decision a person can make and it is filled with many variables. Buying real estate in a foreign country, is taking that process and multiplying the complexity by several factors. In order to make a good transaction, you must have a great real estate agent. This agent not only needs to know the market, the sellers, laws, immigration, etc., but they also need to have a great network of people that they can draw upon to get things done. Even if you do find such an agent with these criteria, unless that individual is responsive, timely, and dependable during the entire process, and more importantly, years after the purchase of the real estate, you will have a mess on your hands.

Fortunately for me, I was lucky enough to meet Keith. There is no doubt that if it wasn’t for Keith, I would not have bought this amazing piece of land that rivals anything in the world. I value Keith’s friendship and how he looks after my land as though it’s his own piece of property.

Anyone who is interested in getting more detailed info on how awesome Keith is, please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]. 100% I recommend Keith!

Hyunjin Lerner

From a client of Clinton Stephenson…

10 stars outta 5! Our experience with Costa Rica real estate service agent Clinton Stephenson has been outstanding. He led us through the process and bent over backwards to make our experience positive and we could not have accomplished our deal without his guidance. We were extremely stressed out and Clinton maintained a professional and helpful attitude every step of the way.

Tom and Ivette Rademacher

From a client of Casey Stamps…

I have invested/developed real estate for the last 35years. Costa Rica and the United States have the greatest opportunities for short term and extend growth available with low risk . Whether it is large tracks ,lots, or commercial properties in Costa Rica, Casey Stamps and his team of professionals are my exclusive agent! Good judgement, trust, knowledge of the market, and loyalty is what I look for in a man! Casey Stamps is my man!

David Swain from North Carolina, USA

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