Three Building Lots With Panoramic City Views Of San Isidro

There are very few places on the planet where you can live sustainably next to a National Park and an acclaimed 5-star resort. The video and photos show the 25 acres in 3 building sites that are very private, not seen or heard from any other building site, with a large “food forest” in the middle of these sites. The potential for this property with unforgettable city views is a family compound, a nature reserve or a mini resort location used for retreats. Lying at a fresh altitude of 4,000 feet, panoramic views abound from these three building sites up to the Chirripo National Park, down to San Isidro’s lights, and across the entire valley Del General down to the 5-star hotel Alta Gracia.

To live here you don’t have to sacrifice high-speed internet or connection to the outside world. You can live with privacy and connection to the many attractions of the local villages like trout fishing (they cook it for you), a coffee cooperative, wine making, local cheese and produce, a butterfly farm and to the nearby regional city of San Isidro with its restaurants, hospital, movie theater and cultural center.

Construction – Local experience has shown that surprisingly affordable building is available (dream homes are not out of reach here) using English speaking architects who can handle the entire process, including fixed price construction, using “tried and true” techniques and materials perfect for the tropics and this altitude. Each of the three building lots are already prepared and have white PVC 3-rail fences with entrance gates. There is drinking water available and electricity can be solar or for $10K you can be connected to the grid. Each building site has ample space as a blank canvas to plant your favorite tropical fruits and flowers to round out your dream home sites.

Permaculture Planted With An Incredible Array Of Organic Produce

Agriculture since 2010 – A full representation of over 80 native and tropical fruit trees were planted in the permaculture “food forest” concept and are now producing after being organically cared for since 2010. Unless you have done a study and tasted these tropical fruit varieties, you may not know them by name. There are 15 citrus varieties, 10 mamon chinos, 9 mangos, star fruit, mangostan, bread fruit, jack fruit, guanabana, cashews, bananas, pineapples and 30 other assorted organic fruit trees. The property is a mature example of permaculture and contains enough of the important tropical fruit varieties so you can test which are your favorites from your own organic farm.

Maintenance Flexibility – Every Costa Rican property needs maintenance, the amount depends on the level of “finish” or care given to the fruit trees and the frequency of cutting the grass to keep it at low levels. Most farm owners in Costa Rica do not personally do the work of farm maintenance, they employ good hearted locals who enjoy this kind of work. Many owners enjoy personally harvesting bananas, pineapples, papayas, citrus and other fruits, sometimes preferring to personally prune trees and care for plants close to the house. This allows for less work and more enjoyment of the natural beauty of a “gentleman’s farm” in the country. Additionally there are over 8 acres of no maintenance cow pasture for horses or other animals of your choosing.

Neighboring The Ultra Luxurious "Auberge at Hacienda Alta Gracia" Resort

Confirmation of location value and the neighbors – The property abuts the 5-star resort, Alta Gracia, which has 50 high end “casitas” (over ½ mile away as the toucan flies), private airstrip with ultra-light tours, 3 gourmet restaurants and equestrian concept with over 800 acres, just below the majestic Chirripo National Park and Costa Rica’s highest mountain at 12,500 feet. The public road meanders through much of the hotel’s 800 acre reserve before arriving at the end of the public road and this property’s entrance. Situated one valley away is the project called RISE on 800 acres which is a high end wellness concept retreat with long term residences. Like neighbor Hotel Alta Gracia, RISEcostarica is also a $30 million dollar project, confirmation of the long term investment value in clean living that this property represents.

While there is great privacy between the three “city view” sites being marketed as one property, there are natural divisions and personalities between them. The largest consists of 15 acres and has substantial jungle with a stream, cascade and several acres of horse pastures. The middle consists of 7 acres with jungle, pasture and is in the center of the fruit tree “food forest” area. The smallest consists of 3 acres, has the biggest and most expansive view, perched and ready to receive your Costa Rican dream home. Available as an option to this 25 acre property is a sister property of 40 additional acres.

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