One Bedroom Home with Ocean View and Surrounded by Nature

Nestled within the heart of Costa Rica's lush expanse, this remarkable property presents an unparalleled opportunity for those seeking a harmonious blend of nature's embrace and modern living. As you step foot onto the land, your gaze is immediately captivated by the sweeping panorama of the ocean-view building site that lays before you. This elevated vantage point offers a canvas upon which dreams of your ideal home can take shape. A canvas that paints a life where you can either craft your dwelling atop and indulge in the serenity of the ocean's dance, while leasing the cozy cabin below, or fashion an enchanting ocean-view rental while residing in the charming jungle cabin nestled beneath the canopy.

Once your gaze returns from the breathtaking vista, a trail unfurls, guiding you down to the well-established cabin below. With dimensions approximating 750 square feet, this rustic haven boasts one bedroom and bathroom. However, the promise of transformation lies within – the living room stands ready to metamorphose into an additional bedroom, or expansion can breathe new dimensions into the existing cabin, limited only by your imagination.

The jewel of this estate gleams invitingly: an expansive pool that stretches approximately 14 meters in length and 5 meters in width. Yet, what makes this oasis truly remarkable is the small waterfall that graces its backdrop. Picture yourself, immersed in the cool embrace of your private pool, the dulcet melodies of the waterfall merging with the tranquil rustle of the jungle foliage. A symphony of senses, a daily retreat into paradise.

Stepping away from the aquatic haven, the surrounding landscape beckons exploration. Trails meander from the cabin, leading to the serene embrace of the creek and delving further into the enigmatic allure of the jungle. For those who cherish their privacy and revel in the embrace of the wild, this place offers an unrivaled sanctuary. Nature enthusiasts and wildlife admirers will find themselves at home in the harmony that resides within these grounds.

Situated at the nexus of convenience and seclusion, this property finds itself perfectly poised between the bustling locales of Manuel Antonio and Dominical. A mere two-minute drive off the highway unveils a realm enclosed by verdant jungle, a haven hidden from the world yet remarkably accessible. The allure of the area is undeniable, with some of Costa Rica's most alluring beaches, including Playa Linda and Playa Guapil, gracing the vicinity. For those enticed by the siren call of the waves, the world-renowned surf havens of Dominical and Dominicalito lie in wait.

Privacy is elevated to an art form here, cocooned within the embrace of the untamed wilderness. And yet, the pulse of modern life thrums nearby. Supermarkets, restaurants, and the allure of sun-kissed beaches remain within easy reach, offering a seamless fusion of solitude and convenience. Even the Quepos regional airport stands a mere 20 minutes away, cementing the connectivity of this oasis to the wider world.

In summation, this property transcends mere description – it is a manifestation of dreams and desires intertwined with the very fabric of nature. It presents a duality of dwelling possibilities, where ocean-view aspirations and jungle immersion harmonize. Whether you seek the joys of habitation at an elevated perspective or a retreat amidst the verdant sanctuary below, this property stands ready to embrace your vision. Here, within this enclave of tranquility, nature's embrace becomes your daily companion, and the rhythm of the ocean's whisper resonates through your dreams.

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