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Large Agricultural Farm with Easy Access to Main Highway Outside San Isidro

Located in the beautiful farming town of Buenos Aires, this 800-acre agriculture farm is one of our most affordable agriculture properties coming in at $2000/acre. The property is made up of 400-acres of farmable, ready-to-be-planted fields and 400-acres of primary and secondary rainforest making this a green investment. The property is slanted and its top elevation is 1600ft.; this is the perfect climate to grow a wide variety of crops. 100 acres of the property are currently being leased (5 year lease, can be broken) to CoopeAgri for Sugarcane.

Many big name agriculture companies can be found in the area because of how fertile the soil is. The international fruit company, Del Monte, has selected this specific region of Costa Rica for Pineapple, Passion Fruit and Sugarcane production due to its perfect climate and fertile soil; weather is 80°F by day and 60°F by night and we never get a frost, so you do not have to worry about losing crops due to cold weather. There is a large variety of hardwood grown in this area: Teak, Cedar, and Eucalyptus are just a few of the woods that you can grow here. With a healthy amount of rain 9 months out of the year, the soil receives an ample supply of natural irrigation for most crops you can grow here.

Exporting Made Easy with Direct Highway Access

This property would make a great farm for local sales or even exporting; the farm is located 45-minutes south of San Isidro de General off of the Pan-American Highway. This highway is vital for importing/exporting goods throughout Central America and to the rest of the world. With the property’s farmable areas being located directly off of this highway, exporting costs would be significantly lower than those who are located in remote parts of the country.

Buenos Aires truly is a farming town where you can find most amenities you would need to run a farm. Multiple hardware/agriculture stores can be found within a short distance to the property. The town also has banks, stores, markets, restaurants, and many other services that would make it easy to relocate here to be near your farm.

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