Historic Restaurant Near Atenas with Premier Public Road Frontage

This turnkey restaurant on a premier road front that has been operating for more than 100 years and is already well established in the area. The restaurant has one of the best atmospheres in the area to offer guests; it feels like a prominent coffee plantation landholder's home, which is the equivalent to say like a King in the Costa Rica of former times.

The location has three fronts toward public streets, two of which are national roads, traveled by around 2,000 vehicles per month—an excellent showing for the public. More than 150 meters of the fronting public street, can also be rented for advertisements, generating passive income.

The property is made up of the restaurant and a large open area used as parking. There an artisanal well which is used for irrigation and cleaning, and the restaurant also works with legal municipal water.

Turnkey Restaurant Made for Entertaining Crowds

Extending over half an acre, this unbeatable commercial location offers the opportunity to develop any business you have in mind. This deal includes operating and liquor patents, which is an essential point to highlight given the difficulty obtaining these types of licenses in the area.

The land has about 12,000 square feet of construction, of which at least 60% dates from the 1940s. For this reason, the restaurant area has exquisite Victorian architecture, with internal gardens and five lounge areas, with incredible mosaic floors and capacity for 115 people.

One of the salons is a beautifully decorated deck with a capacity for 80 people, which induces a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy the views of the lovely central garden. This area is rented along with the lower deck area for private events, generating passive income as well.

Palmares, A Quaint Town Outside of Alajuela and Near Atenas

Palmares, a town characterized by its people, is known as “the town to make friends.” It is so that the civic festivities are famous for having a significant influx of people, this being an advantage every year for the business since it sees a high profit during those dates.

The town of Palmares is about 10 minutes away from Sarchi, a larger town with development on the way. Sarchi has many amenities you may need for a day-to-day life. The restaurant is located 30 minutes outside of Alajuela where you can find restaurant supplies stores and vendors.

This is an incredible business opportunity for a turnkey restaurant in a popular area.

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