21.5 Acres in San Isidro del General with Its Own Private Waterfalls

This property has 21.5 acres and can be found in the picturesque rural village of San Rafael, Platanares; which is situated just outside of the town of Pérez Zeledón. This farm is a jewel that has been kept in the shadows and is just waiting to be rediscovered. In addition to having a river running beside the whole property, the farm also provides access to a number of breathtaking waterfalls, which are available for your personal enjoyment and meditation. The natural beauty of the area is unmatched, with the main rainforest land along the rivers and stunning mountain vistas of the rolling hills all around the building sites. The natural beauty of the area is incomparable.

The farm has very fertile soils, making it an excellent location for agriculture. These soils are suitable for the cultivation of a wide range of crops as well as different kinds of fruit trees. It has a favorable environment and receives an adequate amount of rainfall, making it a great area for planting. On the property, there are already a number of mature trees that bear mouthwatering fruits. The farm is also home to a number of horses and cows that are owned by the proprietors, which means that it has already been practicing the principle of self-sustainability.

Riverfront Land with Fish Ponds

The riverfront property is especially noteworthy, featuring fish ponds that are perfect for aquaculture. These ponds are well-stocked with a variety of fish, providing an additional source of food and income.

One of the most exciting aspects of the farm is its potential for hydroelectricity. The farm is located in an area with abundant water resources, making it a perfect location for generating power through hydropower. The farm's location on the riverfront makes it an ideal place for this type of renewable energy.

Overall, the 21.5-acre farm in San Rafael de Platanares is a dream location for anyone who wants to escape city life and live in harmony with nature. Its stunning natural beauty, fertile land, and potential for renewable energy make it a truly unique and special place.

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