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Dual-Level Lot in San Josecito with River and Whales Tail Ocean View

Just three homes from the end of the road sit from this prime location for a brand new house. The top lot has an incredible white water view of the Whale’s Tail formation in the Marino Ballena National Park and the lower lot has a trail down to the river. This is an off-the-grid location but it’s unlike most others because you have three solid options for water and two for electric.

The lots are laid out in such a way that if you completed the water and electrical hookups, you could easily build your dream home on the upper lot and subdivide the lower one. If you want to keep your river access, the trail just needs a little bit of work to reclaim it and there’s plenty of room down there to build. Imagine for a moment that you could wake up and take your morning coffee or tea down to a yoga or meditation platform next to the river.

Water Water Everywhere, There’s Just Way Too Much to Drink

The quickest route to getting a building permit would be to utilize option number one for water, digging a shallow well. The on-site river flows year round so we know there is water on site which makes this option is a really great one. A second option is to join the community water which would likely cost a little more but be guaranteed. The third option, going back to the year-round river, is that you could set up a creek system. Choose any one, or combination of, these options and you’re all set for your new abode.

Two Options for Electrical Makes Living Off-The-Grid Easy

Currently, there is electrical up the main mountain road to San Josecito but it’s not yet run along the smaller road to this building site. Option number one is to pay to have the electrical run directly to your new home. It would cost a bit but it would be consistent. The second option is to do what the other few homes in this area are doing, solar. The house above this site operates everything on four solar panels and gas. Just those four panels handle all of their electrical needs. If you added a few more panels you could build as big as you can dream and not worry about ever running out of energy.

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