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You might wonder why we felt the need to create this web page. Simply put, in this unregulated industry, we are tired of sellers coming to us with stories of false promises, lies, and abusive one-sided contracts from unethical “real estate agents”. Experience counts and enough can’t be said about how important this is. As demand for real estate on the Southern Pacific Coast continues to escalate, more real estate agencies are beginning to pop up trying to hop on the bandwagon. We welcome the competition but you should ask yourself if that new agent just off the plane knows how to market your property in a realistic manner?

Size Does Matter!

Ask yourself if an agency you are considering to list your property with has the number of agents to handle a high volume of showings. If not, does their office come to a grinding halt when properties are getting shown? In many cases, important phone calls and inquiries about your property are often left unanswered while they are wasting valuable time with unqualified buyers.

Our office features the largest number of experienced agents in Southern Costa Rica and we have a proven track record of over 17 years to stand behind. They have earned an invaluable insight into the history of the area and are trained to stay up-to-date on new governmental regulations that may be coming on the horizon. When you list with a CRRES agent, you will get to know what your property is really worth and become aware of any challenges that could become an obstacle to a successful closing.

Don’t Be Fooled By False Promises

Constructive criticism and analysis of your property is good! If your listing agent isn’t putting your property isn’t analyzing your property in detail, there is something wrong. In many cases, when a seller lists with an inexperienced agency, it is because that agency has told you what you want to hear – not what you need to hear. Promises of quick sales and low listing agreements do not guarantee anything. These properties usually languish on the market – costing you time and money – until reality settles in. If you are motivated and seek an honest evaluation, contact us.

After your property has been evaluated, one of our dedicated “in-house” listing agents will personally visit your property and create new content that will present your property in the best light. You won’t find us taking photos with cell phone cameras or writing “lazy property descriptions”. Our listing agents get to know your property first hand while interviewing you on every nuance of your property. This is an important facet not only to you as a seller, but to our buyers as well.

When you list your property for sale with us, your property will not only receive maximum exposure to a global audience, you will also enjoy the benefits that our truly experienced real estate experts bring to the table.

Our marketing spend rate and “in-house” talent are unmatched with no upfront listing or marketing fees to you. Our compensation is based solely upon if we successfully sell your property and if we don’t, it costs you nothing.

Full Marketing Packages for Maximum Exposure

Our online presence is extremely strong. You may find other agencies popping up here and there with very specific searches but you can regularly find our website on Page 1 for the most competitive search terms in the industry. We cover all bases with broad searches like “Costa Rica Real Estate” or very tailored searches by buyers who know exactly what they are looking for.

  • Page 1 Organic Rankings for the Most Competitive Keywords in the Industry
  • Paid Advertising Campaigns with one of the highest budgets in the country
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Strategic Listing Partnerships with other high ranking websites
  • Email Marketing to Our Large International Database That is Growing by the Day
  • Print Advertising Campaigns
  • User-Friendly Website that works on mobile devices

If you are about to list your property for the first time or are already listed somewhere else, we encourage you to research us and see for yourself.

List with the Most Experienced Group of Real Estate Investment Advisors in Southern Costa Rica

Professional Listing Presentations

Open Listings vs Exclusive Listings

We are the number 1 marketing vehicle in Costa Rica. We won’t twist your arm to sign an Exclusive Listing agreement to get your property placed on our website. However, if you have signed an Exclusive Listing agreement with another company, this does not guarantee placement on our website. We have an expensive marketing budget targeting buyers while other firms spend practically nothing. Many are dependent on sheer luck or other agencies bringing potential buyers. Be wary of slick talk to get you to sign an exclusive agreement. Many agents like to play the waiting game (sit around and wait for another agent to bring a buyer.) All the while they do nothing but collect a paycheck at closing. Be very careful what type of contract you sign because you might be shooting yourself in the foot and could be severely limiting the exposure of your property to qualified buyers. Unlike the USA, there is no Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in Costa Rica. If an agent tells you that you will be listed on all the other agencies websites, it is a lie. Before signing an Exclusive Agreement, you need to thoroughly investigate who you are signing with, that the contract is fair and equitable with a reasonable escape clause. Make sure that when you sign and commit yourself to an agency, that they are equally committed to you with a top-ranked website, a healthy marketing budget, and a longterm proven sales track record.

By placing your Open Listing on the CRRES website, it is guaranteed that your property will receive more exposure. Through the sheer volume of property inquiries we receive on a daily basis, we are always in the game when it comes to bringing you a qualified buyer.

Exclusive Listings receive a dedicated CRRES agent that will handle all showings for the seller. Our agents will present your property with knowledge and professionalism every time, which is especially useful for those instances where an inexperienced rookie wants to show your property. On higher-end properties, additional resources are spent on paid marketing and creating content for the property listing. This content is also seeded out other agencies providing additional exposure on the most relevant real estate websites in the country.

Whether you prefer an Open listing or an Exclusive listing, the choice is yours. Take advantage of our marketing budget and our hard work at no risk to you.

Unsellable Properties

Although this web page is dedicated to the advantages of listing your property on, we reserve the right to refuse to list certain properties on our website. If we encounter issues during the discovery phase of our listing process, we will inform you of the problem(s) and advise you on what you can do to fix them. We are an honest agency and have a commitment to our buyers. We will never play “hot potato” with a property, passing on a problematic property to an unsuspecting buyer. We would not have remained in business for so long – through good times and bad – if this wasn’t the bedrock of our business model.

In many cases, a seller is not even aware that they may have an issue with their property. We have discovered many properties already listed on other websites that have not received a thorough investigation. Once again, this is another reason why you should contact CRRES and receive a formal evaluation from one of our experienced real estate advisors.

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