If You Can’t Find A Move-In Ready Home That Suits Your Needs, Why Not Build It Yourself

Once you’ve made the decision that you want a home in Costa Rica, your next decision is how you want to obtain that home. It’s important to take a look at the Costa Rica homes for sale, and see if anything suits you. However, if you don’t see what you want, you might want to consider building your own custom dream home from the ground up. It’s easier than you think and you will definitely get what you want, where you want it.

Our website has listings for both lots to build on in planned, gated communities or vast land parcels in wild jungle areas. Whatever you can dream up, we can help you make it a reality!

Building a Custom Dream Home Does Not Have To Be a Fantasy

It’s the ultimate homeowner fantasy to have the chance to build a home exactly the way you want it to be, and building a vacation home is even more exciting! Even if you know that you want to build your own home, it’s wise to visit some Costa Rica homes for sale, to get an idea of the local architecture and home styles before you begin. You can also research Costa Rica architectural companies and building contractors via the internet.

Make No Mistake – Building a Home Anywhere Can Be a Chore, and Building in Costa Rica Is No Different

While Costa Rica homes for sale are typically priced less than you would pay in North America or Western Europe, building costs can easily be underestimated. Whenever you are building from scratch, you run the risk of going over your budget, making the cost of building even higher than you had planned.

Many foreigners who have built homes in Costa Rica have complained about building delays and building codes that were difficult to understand. Before you make the decision to build, it’s wise to talk to other foreigners who have built homes in Costa Rica to find out what the advantages and disadvantages were for them.

It’s always helpful to learn from the mistakes and misunderstandings of others. One great option is to hire a full service firm that handles all aspects of building a home in Costa Rica; from initial design concepts to mocks ups to wooden scale models to permit requisition and construction project management. Eugenia Mendez Architects & Associates is one such company, and you can get a preferred customer discount by reaching them through [email protected]

Building Custom Homes in Costa Rica Is Probably Still More Affordable Than Where You Live

Now, while there are some things to be concerned about when building a home in Costa Rica, there is some good news, too. Building materials and other costs are typically lower in Costa Rica than other parts of the world, and land is still relatively easy to find on many parts of the country.

Due to low labor costs, building in Costa Rica is much cheaper than in countries like the United States, but the underlying costs can vary greatly depending on a wide variety of factors, including:

  • The current exchange rate from your home currency to the Costa Rican colón.
  • The type and quality of materials you use for construction.
  • Who, how, and where you acquire your construction materials.
  • The contractor you choose to work with.
  • How “hands-on” you are during the construction process (will you be in the country during the build).

Hunting down an average cost per square foot or meter can be a moving target. Many builders are now quoting “Cost plus” bids for construction, instead of a “Price per square foot”. Knowledge is power, so we recommend that you contact our company to get more information about the current state of construction costs and methods in Costa Rica.

If your heart is set on Costa Rica real estate on the beach, however, you may need to pay a bit more for the land since beach property has become a hot commodity in recent years, as Americans, Canadians and Europeans have been buying up properties at an increased rate, and the prices have gone up with demand.

The new international Marinas built in Quepos, Herradura and Papagayo as well as The new International Airport expansions in San Jose, liberia and now breaking ground in Sierpe (Southern Costa Rica). This has lead to a increased demand in coastal land for hospitality and residential use.

If building your dream home is important to you

It is something you can accomplish on this lovely country. Many foreigners have gone before you. Start by looking for one of those Costa Rica vacation rentals to make your temporary home. Start working on designing your dream vacation house and get going on your dream! Contact us for more information!

Things to Know When Building a Home in Costa Rica