Unique Eco-Dome House in Tinamastes in a Self-Sustainable Community

We have found the hidden gem for you! Located in the misty mountains of Tinamastes is one of the most unique properties you’ll see on the market today. You’ll feel right at home as you walk through the arched doorways, up the spiral staircase, and past the locally crafted furnishings. Step outside and you’re instantly enveloped in the serenity that the Tinamastes area has to offer.

Made of Superadobe rammed Earth construction (approximately 2000sf), it is comprised of 3 interconnected domes to provide 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living area, dining/kitchen area, upstairs office, and large upstairs deck with ocean view. It is covered by a roof to protect against the heavy rains. The deck area is about 600sf. The water comes from multiple springs in the mountain valley and there is a good filter installed. Heating is through a propane heater. Water from sinks and shower go to a greywater outlet into banana circles below the domes. Electric is from the main power line from the road, it has its own grid set up with lines distributed to all home sites in the community. It is 110V and serves a fridge, washing mashing, And duel gas stovetop.

The house sits on the highest point of the hectare, and the rest of the land is broken into 3 garden areas. Throughout the entire hectare are yucca, turmeric, ginger, chayote, taro root, culantro coyote, and support species for pollinators and fertilizers. Then, the upper slope has 5 jaackfruit trees of 3 varieties, 6 biriba, 2 mango, 1 mangostein, 1 Colombian zapote , 2 ice cream bean, 3 tarap, 3 white cacao, 3 figi longan, 1 sapadillo, 2 monkey fruit, 2 camucamu, 1 rose apple, 12 coco palms, 30 mixed banana and plantain, perennial greens and medicinal herbs, black bamboo, and lemongrass.

Section two is delineated by a line of coconut palms, 3 duck ponds, and a developed greenhouse where all plantlings and seedlings are grown.

Section 3 is everything to the left of the driveway after the last mango tree, "the mandalita garden," and includes: 15 papaya, 50+ pineapple, maracuya, passionfruit, water apple, sweet lemon, acerola cherry, 3 coco palms, 5 heart of palm, mango, dwarf June palm, 4 membrillo , 3 guanabana. Approximately 400 sq meters of raised garden beds with biochar amended soil.

All 3 areas are managed and kept by a trained permaculture specialist who lives just below the domes.

You’ll have no trouble at all falling asleep with the gentle breeze blowing through your room and the sounds of the jungle emanating from outside. Enjoy your morning meditation as the clouds roll through along with the monkeys, macaws, and toucans. Near the home are beautiful nature hiking trails, rivers, streams, waterfall cascades, and a stunningly beautiful forest setting.

A Popular Tourist Destination Located Minutes from Playa Dominical

This is a great location for the main residence because the mountain breezes keep you cool all year round but give you easy access to one of Costa Rica’s largest tourist destinations, Playa Dominical. Surf by day and watch the sunset below the mountains every night.

If you plan to create a retreat or rent this property out, rest assured that your guests will have everything they could ever want at their fingertips. The Nauyaca Waterfall is a couple of minutes up the road and is a great hike and swimming hole for people of all ages. If you’re looking for more adventure, the Eco-Chontales waterfall is deeper in the mountain. The height and force with which the waterfalls is a breathtaking experience. From Dominical you can surf, SCUBA, go horseback riding, dine at some of the best restaurants, sip piña coladas on the beach, and explore all of the local shops.

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