Stunning 1,061 Hectares Ranch in La Fortuna's Lush Agricultural Landscape

Indulge in the natural beauty of Costa Rica's agricultural landscape with this incredible 1,061-hectare (2,621 Acres) ranch located in the northern part of the country, just outside the charming town of Santa Fe. With 479 hectares (1,183 Acres) of arable land, this ranch is ideal for growing a wide variety of crops, including timber, cattle, banana, taro, pumpkin, and pineapple.

The property features an impressive infrastructure, including a main administrative office, housing for administrators and operators, machinery maintenance garages, phytosanitary and fertilizer warehouses, and chemical mixing areas for crop applications. Road access throughout the entire farm makes transportation of goods and equipment incredibly convenient. Additionally, the property features resting areas throughout the farm, ensuring that both the workers and the animals are comfortable.

The ranch is complete with concessions for water wells as well as fuel and tool warehouses, and access to waterways, providing a wide range of resources for optimal production. With access to roads for the transportation of goods, the ranch's location allows for the easy distribution of crops and livestock.

Protecting the Forests of Costa Rica

The property has 200 hectares of protected primary forest and it is under a FONAFIFO contract; which provides a sustainable ecosystem that supports the surrounding natural flora and fauna.

This ranch is a great investment for anyone who wants to make money in agriculture because of how flexible the land is and how well it is set up. The farm is ideal for raising crops and livestock due to its rich soil and plenty of natural resources; and the nearby protected forest adds to the property's ecological value.

Farmland With Abundant Water Resources

This unique farm boasts a fix of topography and geography that sets it apart from the rest. Its lush lowlands are rich in Andisol soils, perfect for growing plantains and different types of crops. Additionally, its good drainage system effectively combats heavy rainstorms, making it an ideal location for raising cattle even during the rainy season.

The farm known as "La Gloria" located not to far from Santa Fe's town, is renowned for its abundance of water year-round. To ensure optimal drainage during the rainy season, costly bridges and drainage systems were built. The result is a farm that drains quickly, leaving it perfectly suited for cattle management.

During the dry season, the farm maintains an ample supply of water for the annual management of cattle. This benefit causes an increase in the number of cattle that can be raised during the summer season.

Over half a million dollars were invested to merge the land into a single block, totaling over 1000 hectares.

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