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Starter Home with Mature Fruiting Trees in Mountains of San Salvador

Overlooking a beautiful mountainous valley in San Salvador sits a small starter home on over 2 acres of land. The land around the house is beautifully landscaped with mature fruiting trees like bananas, citrus, Guanabana, and Starfruit to name a few. The bounty you'll harvest every year from these trees already makes this property worth the price. At the front, valley view side of the property is a sizeable flat building area. You could build a stable, large garden, guest house, or add on to the home that's already there. If you don't like the home already on site, just knock it down and double the size of your building lot. There are a lot of opportunities here so dream a dream and make it a reality.

Won't You Be My Neighbor; A Tight-Knit Community Lives in San Salvador

The hills of San Salvador are full of cattle ranchers, cheese makers, and farmers. With this abundance of locally produced goods comes a great sense of camaraderie. Up here there is a genuine feeling that everyone is working together to live their best life. The neighbors boarding the top portion of this property have a large garden full of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and tropical flowers. They are so nice and are more than happy to show you around and let you taste everything they grow. It's exactly what you want in a neighbor!

Living in a Small Community Near the Big City of San Isidro

San Isidro is a great city to live close to because it is bursting at the seams with shops, restaurants, and nurseries. It's a great place to do some big home and bargain shopping when you need to. One thing that is really starting to grow here is the food scene. With new hip additions like Urban Farm and Simple Market, you can escape the small town life whenever you want. There's even a country club with a Mojito bar!

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