Renowned Hotel with River Pool & Lush Surroundings

Welcome to the renowned hotel in San Isidro, an enchanting oasis nestled amidst the verdant embrace of nature, just a brief 10-minute journey from the bustling city center.

Greeting you with its captivating allure, this historic establishment boasts a stunning pool that gazes over the gentle currents of a winding river, creating a picturesque panorama that invites serenity and tranquility. As you stroll through the lush surroundings, the symphony of nature envelops you, soothing the soul and kindling a sense of oneness with the earth.

A testament to meticulous craftsmanship, the building has undergone a comprehensive transformation, achieving an impeccable state that surpasses all expectations. Within these walls lie 16 inviting rooms, each thoughtfully designed to accommodate up to 40 individuals, promising a harmonious balance of comfort and privacy. The ample parking facilities, accommodating up to 35 cars, ensure the utmost convenience for visitors.

Upon crossing the threshold of the dining quarters, the ambiance undergoes a wondrous metamorphosis. Renovated with an exquisite blend of Guanacaste wood and bamboo, the restaurant exudes a rustic elegance that harmonizes with its natural surroundings. Positioned alongside the flowing river, guests can savor their meals in an environment that radiates pure delight. The state-of-the-art kitchen, tailored for the comfort and efficiency of staff, stands ready to elevate culinary experiences to new heights.

A captivating world awaits beyond the restaurant, where the pool is cradled by flourishing green expanses and adorned with thoughtfully placed tables, extending an invitation for cherished moments of camaraderie and joy. Adjacent to this aquatic haven, a second bar awaits, a vibrant hub of activity and recreation, where laughter and merriment dance on the breeze.

The property graciously borders the river, offering a treasure trove of opportunities for rejuvenation and harmony with nature. Meandering pathways lead to idyllic spots, inviting contemplation and yoga amidst the embrace of Mother Earth. Moreover, a sprawling 1600m2 soccer field graces the hotel's grounds, beckoning forth visions of expansion and potential for the creation of additional rooms.

In pursuit of perfection, the hotel has undergone a comprehensive renovation, extending beyond aesthetics to encompass modernized plumbing and electrical systems. This seamless integration of comfort and innovation yields an extraordinary turnkey opportunity, ideal for astute investors seeking a thriving venture in the hospitality domain or an exceptional retreat center that sets the benchmark for the entire region.

In summary, this famous hotel in San Isidro marries the allure of a privileged location with the harmonious union of nature and man-made opulence. The hotel's esteemed status, coupled with its abundance of amenities and potential, ensures that it stands as a prime investment opportunity in the heart of Costa Rica. Whether you envision an exceptional business venture or an unparalleled retreat center, this property beckons you to embrace its boundless possibilities and create a legacy that resonates for generations to come.

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