Private Tropical Cloud Forest for a Mountain Getaway

The 277-acre cloud forest provides the perfect setting for a private retreat. This is a wonderful “live on” conservation property is the ideal to reconnect with your surroundings and nature. The cloud forest is home to a plethora of wildlife and magnificent tropical trees, its properties like these that provide a unique view into the mysteries of Costa Rica.

Cool Climate in the Mountains for the Perfect Getaway

The property is made up of open spaces and tropical rainforest, a great combination for someone looking for a relaxing getaway. The personal home or wellness center maintains cool climate and serene surroundings. The rainforest and high altitude keep the property cool and refreshing during the days and nights. The great temperature is perfect for exploring the property and the many different aspects of the forest.

Perfect Rainforest to Explore

A system of internal trails throughout the property would be a great addition, they would allow guest to explore the different sounds, smells and sights found in the cloud forest. On the hikes, you encounter the sounds of leaves ruffling, the sun shining through the canopy, the subtle smell of earth and orchids. The most interesting creatures can be found when taking a close look at the differetn layers of the rainforest.

25% of Costa Rica is Protected Land

Costa Rica has a total of 51,100 sq KMs or 5,110,000 hectares. 1,308,160 hectares are protected National park, covering 25.6% of the country. There are six different rainforests found in the country, tropical, cloud, dry, mangrove, lowland and riparian forest. The rainforest are the lungs of the planet, they have the ability to breathe fresh air and store excess carbon. The cloud forest has dense lush understory with large open canopies that proliferates biodiversity.

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