Prime Platanillo Acreage Lot with Untapped Potential Close to Dominical

Embark on a journey to the heart of Platanillo, a mere 5-minute drive from the paved road, where an unparalleled canvas of opportunity awaits your creative touch. Envision a residential haven nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes, as this property unveils not one, but two expansive building sites, each offering a distinct realm of possibilities.

The first building site, a broad expanse on a gentle incline, sets the stage for your visionary aspirations. Here, the lush verdant surroundings are your backdrop, providing a serene environment for crafting two distinct units. An internal thoroughfare guides you to the second building site, a hidden sanctuary secluded from the first, promising the epitome of privacy.

Both enclaves offer panoramic vistas of rolling valleys and majestic mountains, effortlessly intertwining nature's grandeur with your potential architectural masterpiece. Among the standout features is the enchanting creek, meandering gracefully across the property, flanked by a flat oasis beckoning relaxation and exploration.

A second creek, defining a property boundary, enhances the allure and adds to the symphony of nature's harmonious presence. The landscape further boasts ancient, flourishing fruit trees – mango, avocado, rambutan, coconut, and lime – enriching your surroundings with their fruitful abundance.

Undoubtedly, this rare gem stands as a testament to value, its offering exceeding its price point, ensuring a swift claim by those who recognize its untapped potential. This opportunity, however, doesn't stand alone; an additional option beckons for those seeking to amplify their dream.

For a supplementary investment, a tempting 0.6 acres beckons consideration. While the owner contemplates retaining this section, its allure adds another layer of appeal. Perched at the property's summit, it boasts a stream coursing through, mirroring the enchantment of its lower counterpart. Additionally, a small yet significant building site invites ingenuity, creating an enticing prospect for expanding your vision.

In the realm of real estate, such opportunities are indeed fleeting. The rarity of this offering, coupled with its undeniable charm, ensures that its presence on the market will be a fleeting one. Seize the chance to manifest your dream in Platanillo's embrace, where tranquility, potential, and the allure of lush landscapes converge.

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