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Prime Commercial Building Site In Dominical With Coastal Highway Frontage

Ideally situated along the main coastal highway that leads all the way to the Panamanian border, this 1.3 acre commercial building site in Dominical has great visibility and is perfectly positioned for a wide array of businesses catering to tourists, locals or both. Located directly across the road Domincalito Beach, the tranquil waters in the bay make this beach a very popular destination for swimming, fishing and boating. Another very popular attraction near the property is the Poza Azul waterfall. The waterfall is incredibly easy to access which makes trips here a favorite activity for many people.

In addition to the proximity to natural features, the property is located directly in front of the upscale Las Olas neighborhood, the Marisol condo project and adjacent to the Canto Del Mar community. Locals and tourists renting properties would regularly frequent a business with such a convenient location – especially for trips to get food, beer and wine.

Perfectly Situated By The Beach For Residential Or Commercial Businesses

Anything from a new grocery store to a restaurant & bar would be a great choice to tap into the steady stream of local expats and tourists who pass directly in front of the property day and night. The location would also be ideal for monthly rental apartments right by the beach. Demand is very high for this type of residential inventory as most homes in the area target short term weekly vacation rentals. As a matter of fact, you could follow the same playbook used in coastal California cities – ground level commercial space with residential housing upstairs. This would be a great call for the property as it would provide multiple revenue streams fed by a rapidly growing community.

The land is 100% titled, water / electric infrastructure is in place, there are no building restrictions and the property sits only 200 meters from the surf. You will be hard pressed to find a better property in the area for a new business. This is a fantastic opportunity that is listed at a price to move fast.

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