Peaceful Mountain Property with Space for Horses and Hobby Farm

Tucked up in the peaceful mountains of San Isidro sits a comfortable home with plenty of land to homestead and expand on. Already fruiting on the property is avocado, starfruit, citrus, bananas, gourds, and more. There is a small horse corral currently housing the resident caballos; Ginger and Jack. They seem quite comfortable in their open area surrounded by banana trees and jungle hills. Just up the hill is a sizable building plantel just in case you want to elevate your view.

The higher elevation makes for a serene lifestyle with cooler temperatures year round. You're going to enjoy lounging on your new front porch overlooking the valley of San Isidro with the gentle breeze blowing through the trees. When the sun peaks over the mountains in the morning you know it'll be the perfect time to hop on your horse and take a ride through the jungle, there's no shortage of beautiful things to see.

A Pleasant Life in a Small Farming Town on the Outskirts of San Isidro Del General

Up here you are far enough away to enjoy a peaceful life and close enough to San Isidro Del General for all of the big city amenities. It's the perfect combination! San Isidro is known for having a good assortment of home shopping and fair prices to boot. One thing I'm sure you'll enjoy is the Thursday Farmers Market. Here you can buy some of Southern Costa Rica's freshest organic produce and once you move in and start harvesting your own, you can start selling here too!

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