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Whitewater Ocean View Property Perfectly Set Up For A Self-Sustainable Lifestyle In Costa Rica

Not only is this property beautiful, it checks the mark for everything you would need to live a self-sustainable lifestyle in Costa Rica. To live a "sustainable" or "off the grid" lifestyle, you will need to create a system that can function independently without external support. At a minimum, you will need a property with an uninterrupted, potable water source and fertile land that will allow you to produce a year-round food supply. Also with new advancements in clean energy systems, you can still live in comfort while enjoying the amenities of the modern world. We are seeing more and more properties running wireless routers, high definition televisions, washers/dryers, etc. while never having to pull any power from the grid. So does the property deliver on all fronts in terms of providing everything you would need to create a self-sustainable lifestyle in Costa Rica? The answer is yes.

The Natural Characteristics Of The Land Offer Up To Three Viable Alternative Energy Sources

Costa Rica embraces clean energy and it is well on it's way to becoming the first "carbon neutral" country in the world. Other than geothermal or tidal energy, this property will allow you to set up a variety of alternative energy systems. First, the land borders a year-round flowing river, with a gradation in elevation that is perfect for installing a hydro-electric system. Second, the cleared primary building areas receive plenty of sunshine throughout the year. On your rooftops, solar panels would provide a redundant power supply and supplement your hydro system during the drier months (Jan thru April) when the river is not flowing as briskly. Finally, due to the property's high mountain elevation and close proximity to the coast, steady breezes blowing off of the Pacific Ocean offer a perfect environment for wind power. Another benefit to the steady wind is that it keeps the climate nice and cool so you won't need to run air conditioning units – these energy hogs are usually the biggest expense in a Costa Rican utility bill.

Option To Purchase From 30 To 250 Acres To Create A Small Or Large Organic Farm With An Abundant Water Supply

The property includes large stretches of water-rich, farmable land. The moist, rich soil is perfect for planting a wide array of crops, tropical fruit trees and raising livestock. Depending on your needs, you have the option of purchasing 30 acres or all the way up to 250 acres – simply tour the property and pick a parcel that is the right fit for you. Create a permaculture system that will provide for your family or establish a large farm that can provide for a community. Organic farming is very popular in Southern Costa Rica. With a high demand for real organic produce, practically every town here features a local Farmers Market.

The region receives plenty of rain which keeps the rivers flowing and provides a healthy environment for agriculture and keeps the pastures green for cows, horses, sheep, and goats. An overabundant, year-round water supply with potable water is provided by a private community well. This can be supplemented with rain catch systems, gray water landscape irrigation, and the river if necessary.

Private Mountain Setting In San Buenas With A Convenient Location Between Palmar And Ojochal

The community (Monte Vista) is perched in the mountains with panoramic vistas that stretch down to the Osa Peninsula. From many locations on the property, you will be able to watch the waves roll into shore and gaze out to Cano Island National Park in the distance. Other sites include views over the Terraba River (the largest river in Costa Rica), Palmar Norte/Palmar Sur city lights, and a majestic waterfall spilling down rainforest covered mountainsides. In 10 minutes you can dine at gourmet restaurants in Ojochal or purchase goods and services in the town of Palmar. The regional airport in Palmar is a real convenience that can shave over 4 hours off of a trip to the capital city of San Jose. The San Buenas area is close to great fishing, boating and it is the gateway south to the Osa Peninsula – one of the most biologically diverse places on the planet.

While you are establishing your self-sustainable lifestyle in Costa Rica, you will not have to start from scratch. An internal road system with excellent drainage has already been developed and the property does have city electric service running to the property line. This will allow you to temporarily use this power supply while you are building and then you can "cut the cord" after you have established your alternative energy source(s). You can also stay tied to the grid and feed excess power back into the system or use it as an emergency fallback should one of you energy supplies get compromised. There are multiple beautiful home building sites to choose from with plenty of raw land surrounding them. It is a wonderful setting and a dream location to build an eco-friendly getaway to live your self-sustainable lifestyle in Costa Rica.

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