Large Farm Above Uvita with Private Waterfall and Ocean Views

There are well-maintained roads from San Isidro and from Uvita that get you to the property. At the top of this property is forested areas for building your dream home or business. Some of the sites have been cleared out and there is a trail to get from one to the other. There is a lot of space up here so you can dream as big as you want. One of the best attributes of the building sites is the ocean view from each one. Once your home is built you can relax, enjoy a delicious beverage, and watch the sun dip into the ocean at night.

The property is perched in the mountains above Uvita and conveniently accessible from either Uvita (7km) or the city of San Isidro (15km). Trips down to the beach are no problem and getting goods and services in Southern Costa Rica's largest city is a breeze. Something you will not be lacking in is wildlife. In the mornings and evenings, you can see and hear the monkeys, macaws, and toucans that call this place home. If you’re lucky, you just may be able to spot a sloth too.

Currently a Cattle Ranch, But it Can Easily Be So Much More

The sprawling farmland is currently being used to raise cattle and horses. It’s already divided up and has a corral on site. There are many places in this lower area that could be used to build homes, guest homes, or caretakers quarters. Onsite is a large water source that is already run to two construction points on the property. This water source has a legal concession started and due to be completed next year. Electric service is not far away, approximately 500 yards from the property line.

For a buyer looking to create a completely "Off the Grid" self-sustainable project, the natural characteristics of this property are ideal for that. A year-round flowing spring is located at the top of the property that flows with enough force to power a hydro-electric system. A clean energy system can also include solar panels located in many areas of the property that receives an ample amount of sunlight.

Of course, the property includes an abundant natural water supply, large enough to provide fresh water for many homes or a boutique hotel. The cleared pasture areas can be subdivided into homesites with land to spare that can support a permaculture farm to provide fresh fruits and vegetables for an entire community. Costa Rica is known for having some amazing permaculture farms and is home to some of the worlds top permaculture architects.

If you want to dream really big, you could easily convert this land into a luxury hotel or retreat. Starting at the top you could design a beautiful restaurant, spa, and sunset viewing area. Put in place a network of pathways and cabins all the way to the bottom where the land sits flatter and can be used for additional cabins and guest activities. Create a large gathering area for parties and set up nature hikes and horse rides.

With a perfect blend of location and natural beauty, this wonderful property is a must see for any buyer looking for a property suitable for either hospitality or residential uses.

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