Retreat Inmmersed in Natures Symphony Close to Bahia Ballena

Step into an artistic and architectural haven nestled in the heart of Bahia, where a unique experience awaits you. This exceptional house, meticulously crafted with ecological materials sourced primarily from a 4-kilometer radius, promises to leave you awe-inspired.

Resembling the elegant facets of a diamond, the structure seamlessly fuses with the natural elements, enveloping its guests in an unparalleled sensory journey. A sprawling wooden deck measuring 80 square meters sprawls before you, catching the breeze and basking in sunlight filtered through the lush canopy of towering trees enveloping the property. Tranquility and softness are carried on the gentle wind, while the commanding presence of the bamboo framework exudes an aura of strength and assurance.

An enchanting adobe wall gracefully frames a portion of the deck, and within its embrace lies the apartment—a rustic haven infused with warmth, courtesy of the ancient material known for its exceptional thermal properties. Here, a compact yet efficient kitchen, a cozy bedroom, and a well-appointed bathroom await. The multifunctional room, a versatile space, can easily transform to accommodate your specific needs, be it storage or a private workspace. The ingenuity of sliding wooden doors on all sides grants you the freedom to manipulate light and access each space individually, allowing you to orchestrate your environment with grace.

Journeying upwards reveals an architectural marvel—a trio of bedrooms, each distinct in its allure. An expanse of wood and openness is your backdrop, a canvas where air, views, and energy dance harmoniously. Wooden slats interspersed with delicate mosquito netting form the room's boundaries, where one side gracefully morphs into a folding door, an innovative link between indoor and outdoor. Two of these captivating portals beckon you to the deck, while the third unveils the serene panorama of Uvita’s majestic mountains. Equipped with a queen-size bed, the third room is a sanctuary of comfort, while the remaining two embrace matrimonial beds, inviting restful slumber. A shared bathroom, a marvel in itself, spirals down in bamboo elegance on the ground floor.

In Bahia's thriving tapestry, where growth abounds, the tranquil respite of this cul-de-sac unveils itself. A serene enclave just minutes away from the beach and the Marino Ballena National Park, as well as an assortment of restaurants and a supermarket, it masterfully balances peace and creativity. Here, the canvas of quietude fuels inspiration and rejuvenation, while simultaneously providing a vibrant backdrop for artistic pursuits and Airbnb endeavors.

As you stand on the threshold of this extraordinary dwelling, you're not merely stepping into a house; you're entering a realm of architectural ingenuity, artistic synergy, and eco-conscious living. A masterpiece borne of ecological materials, designed with meticulous attention to detail, and nestled in Bahia's embrace, this dwelling stands ready to become your sanctuary, your canvas, and your passage into an enchanting chapter of life.

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