Eco Sustainable Property In The Costa Rican Mountains With Chirripo River Frontage

Want to live a healthy lifestyle, completely surrounded by nature with a crystal clean, fresh water river flowing in your backyard? This beautiful eco sustainable sanctuary is the place for you! The property is perched high in the Costa Rican mountains at an elevation of 1,150 meters (3,773 feet) and is highlighted by 443 meters (1,453) of Chirripo River frontage. The river area includes what can be described as a “sandy beach” where you can layout and relax while the river flows beside you. The fresh mountain air and ambient temperatures makes outdoor activity easy and there is so much to choose from!

The 9.5 acre property is located in San Gerardo, nestled in the Rio Chirripo valley near the entrance to Chirripo National Park. Chirripo National Park is home to the Cerro Chirripó Grande, the highest peak in Costa Rica. The views are spectacular, on a clear day, you can see the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean sea simultaneously. If you enjoy nature hikes, you can trek on miles of trails that wind through more ecological zones than you will find in most entire countries. After your hiking adventure, unwind in the Chirripo Hot Springs.

Other nature reserves in the area include the Cloudbridge Nature Reserve and the Talamanca Nature Reserve. Coffee plantation tours are another popular destination while an artisan chocolatier’s coffee shop, a gourmet cheese maker and the Monte Azul Center For The Arts are all located within 15 minutes of the property. The location is perfect for hikers, photographers, wildlife spotters and those just wanting to soak up the beauty and peace of a heaven on earth.

The largest city in the area, San Isidro del General, is around 20-30 minutes away. Here you can visit the weekly Farmer’s Market with lots of organic produce to purchase, or take care of banking, medical, automotive and other needs. In about an hour, you can visit the beautiful tropical beaches on the Pacific Coast. Whether you are driving to town or all the way to the beach, access to the property is very easy with no 4×4 vehicle required.

Multiple Homes And Cabins With All Of The Infrastructure In Place To Live A Self Sustainable Lifestyle

With multiple homes and cabins,
this is an ideal property for a Bed & Breakfast, or a family compound where you will live in eternal springtime temperatures on a property which has been free of chemicals for 12+ years, and Biodynamic for 8+ years. There are 2 farm houses built in 1995 (recently remodeled), 1 artist home built in 2012, a new Bamboo & Teak home built in 2014, an open air river cabin built in 2010, a rancho, 2 steel storage sheds, 2 concrete sheds and various simple “green houses” with garden areas.
There is also 1 Yoga platform built in 2014 that is located right over the Chirripo River.
The property has recently been used as a holistic health center, so that route could also be pursued by new owners.

All of the infrastructure to live a self sustainable lifestyle is here: a chicken shed with 2 pastures, 1 goat milking station with a goat / worm house, 7 goat pastures (included are 5 goats and 5 chickens), a covered compost area and 4 Biodigestors. The Biodigestors mean no septic tank maintenance, with the added benefit of some gas for cooking. There are many fruit trees found throughout the property: Oranges, Sweet Lemons, Limes, Banana, Cas, Guava, Water Apple, Plantain, Cacao, Myrtle Berry, Mulberry plus Pineapples, Red Raspberries and Black Raspberries. If animal husbandry is not a desired pursuit, the existing pastures can easily be converted into house sites.

A Zantrex Solar / Wind system (4kwH with 8kwH peak) provides an ample power supply and all electrical wiring was completed by a European professional. The solar system is tied back to the grid, so the electric company buys back excess power. Fresh potable water is supplied from mountain springs and double filtered creek water is used for plants and animals. Hot water is gas or solar heated.

This magical & unique property has been drastically transformed over the last 9 years with a total investment of more than $500k. Now it is offered for only $369,000! If you love nature, a cool climate and want to live in a tranquil environment, this property is a must see.

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