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770 Acres In Southern Costa Rica With Vital Wildlife Corridors And Fresh Water Rivers

Las Lajas Nature Reserve consists of 770 acres encompassing a plateau of virgin rainforest in the mountains with jaw-dropping views overlooking the lush valleys below and extending to the southern Costa Rican coastline. The property is critical to the overall health of the region as the springs and rivers that are born on this plateau feed the headwaters of the Diamante, Higuron and Morete Rivers. These rivers drop vertically down the mountain face and create some of the most majestic waterfalls in Costa Rica. As the pristine, fresh water rivers wind their way through the rainforest and empty out to the Pacific Ocean, they provide the lifeblood to a wide variety of plants and animals along the way.

This land is an important component to a large protected zone that includes Refugio Boracayen, Fila Tinamastes, Tree of Life, and it is within close proximity to Reserva Oro Verde, Coopeuvita, and the Hacienda Baru nature reserves. Comprising thousands of acres for a wide variety of wildlife to roam, it is of vital importance to the Tapir in particular. The path of the Tapir extends through here from the Osa Peninsula in the south pacific of Costa Rica all the way up to Manuel Antonio National Park and the Savegre River basin. Costa Rica is a natural land bridge between the continents of North & South America and without the protection of wildlife corridors such this, the country would no longer be regarded as one of the most Biologically Diverse Places On Earth.

Although there is a small farm house and a minimal area that has been worked in pasture and cultivated for crops, this land should strictly be used for conservation and science-based observation. You can be the steward of this incredible property in southern Costa Rica and carry on a proud tradition that has been preserved carefully for many years.

The Property Is An Oxygen Reserve and Qualifies for Carbon Credits

The massive amount of mature rainforest trees located throughout the property qualifies it as an "oxygen reserve" to trade for "carbon offsets". A Managed Forest Carbon Offset represents an agreement between someone who emits carbon dioxide and someone who stores carbon dioxide. In this case, the person who is providing the storage is a forest landowner who has committed to long-term sustainable forest management. The emitter is a person, group of people or business who wishes to balance out all or part of its emissions with carbon that has been stored in sustainably managed forestland.

As trees grow, they take in carbon dioxide, which is one part carbon and two parts oxygen. They use the carbon to build new wood and release the oxygen back into the air. Through the Managed Forest Carbon Offsets Market, landowners of properties like this are paid for the amount of carbon dioxide that is removed from the atmosphere by their forests and stored as the building block of new wood. For those who know that the future of mankind depends on a healthy environment, a counter balance for the carbon footprint humans create must be answered equally and more.

You Can Leave A Legacy For Future Generations to Enjoy

This property could serve as a real estate holding in a family trust or could be gifted to organizations, like the Nature Conservancy, for tax benefits down the road. Donations generate a substantial charitable income tax deduction for no capital gains taxes on a sale. If you are looking to leave your mark on the world, you can acquire conservation land in Southern Costa Rica that will provide a long lasting gift for future generations to come. To learn about the financial benefits of gifting land for preservation, check out the Nature Conservancy website's page here.

Coming from a real estate company that promotes development, you may consider the tone of this listing as being a bit hypocritical, but our message is sincere. Our principal philosophy is founded on a balance of low-density growth that provides much needed jobs for local communities. Many areas on the northern Pacific coast of the country have seen short sighted, unsustainable development and we do not want to see a repeat of those mistakes made here in the south. We envision – and our hope – is that the Southern Costa Rica territory will be developed in a much more thoughtful manner.

In many cases, owners of properties like this have inherited the land and preservation is of a secondary concern. However, some properties are just too important to sell to just anyone. The preservation of wildlife corridors and fresh water sources must be maintained to sustain the long-term health and prosperity of the country. Our greatest challenge and ultimate success are in finding benefactors who care more about the future than milking every penny out of the bottom line. If you are reading this and have the means to preserve this land, it would be a true honor to help facilitate the sale of this nature reserve to a buyer who is dedicated to protecting this very important place on Earth.

Please contact us today and we will guide you through the entire process of keeping this land and others just like it as they should be.

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