Clean Energy Home And Guest House With Organic Permaculture In The Mountains Above San Isidro

There are very few places on the planet where you can live sustainably next to a National Park and an acclaimed 5-star resort. The video and photos show this clean energy home with guest house could be utilized as a self-sufficient retreat, a private nature reserve or a mini resort used for retreats. The property is a mature example of permaculture and contains 150 of the important tropical fruit varieties (now producing) so you can test which are your favorites from your own organic farm.

This hydro powered organic property features two homes, an automated enclosed greenhouse, and other structures. The entire "off the grid" property was mindfully designed to be long-lasting and low maintenance. Covered walkways link all structures which were completed in 2012. Lying at a fresh altitude of 4,000 feet, panoramic views abound up to the National Park, down to San Isidro’s lights and across the entire valley Del General down to the 5-star hotel Alta Gracia.

To live here you don’t have to sacrifice high-speed internet or connection to the outside world. You can live with privacy and connection to the many attractions of the local villages like trout fishing (they cook it for you), a coffee cooperative, wine making, local cheese and produce, a butterfly farm and to the nearby regional city of San Isidro with its restaurants, hospital, movie theater and cultural center.

Beautiful 40-Acre Property With Excellent Infrastructure

The very private main house "complex” has views to the tranquil stream running behind the house. You can go from your piping hot (solar-heated) bath or spa shower, out the bathroom door and down an 80 foot walkway, to take a “cold plunge” into a natural pool just below a 7-foot cascading waterfall. Featured: 3 bedroom 1,350 square foot main house; 1,480 square foot enclosed automated greenhouse; 700 square foot bodega “clean” storage; 3 car garage; solar hot water system; complete hydro-electric system; 1,500 exotic wood trees for harvest. A network of concrete walkways was constructed for “all climate” access between the buildings, the 150 fruit trees and the hydro system. The enclosed greenhouse has a large production capacity, measures 85 feet long by 17 feet wide. There are seven irrigation zones servicing four raised beds, potted plants on benches and hanging flowers that can be rotated into the houses.

The private guest house or Casita has panoramic views with 1,600 square feet under roof in an “Eco Nest” inspired floorplan (studio plus one bedroom) with 2 granite outdoor eating tables, garage, solar hot water, high speed internet, and a scenic concrete walkway that goes 150 feet behind the casita to a meditation bench surrounded by the tranquil stream and jungle.

Self-Sufficient Infrastructure – This property has abundant water with various streams, 2 large ones above the clean energy home used for the hydro system and other smaller ones throughout the property. Redundancy is built into the hydro-electric water sources by using 2 disconnected streams. The system will continue to operate using water from just one of the streams. Special stainless steel intake screens protect the system from allowing any debris into the 3” pipes that run underground to the hydro generation system. Rocks, branches, leaves and fish glide over the self-cleaning intake screens to ensure trouble free operation even during the heaviest of tropical rains. A strong spring services the house complex and is gravity fed. Redundancy is built into the drinking water source at the top of the property above the Casita with both a tank and rainwater collection system and the option to pump from a large fresh spring up to the tank.

Grounds Planted With Organic Permaculture And Reforestation Trees

Agriculture since 2010 – There are over 150 producing fruit tree “assets” on this self-sufficient property. A full representation of native and tropical fruit tree varieties were planted and organically cared for since 2010 and are now producing. Unless you have done a study and tasted these tropical fruit varieties, you may not know them by name. There are 27 citrus varieties, 11 mangos, 95 pineapples, 15 banana “circles” and 17 assorted fruit trees including avacados and some more exotic species. In addition to many medicinal plants, roses, ornamentals and flowers, over 4,000 reforestation trees were planted using native tropical species.

Working with reforestation experts a long-term plan was created to produce over $100,000 in revenue from 7 acres planted with 1,500 exotic wood trees with the intention to harvest in 15-40 years. This is legal harvestable wood which could be sold or used for structures or furniture. These six species are Mahogany (caoba), Rosewood (cocobolo), Brazilian Cherry (guapinol), Cristobal, Ron Ron, and Spanish Cedar (cedro amargo). A little bonus are the 100 flowering or “painted trees” in seven species that flower in sections based on the view from the house according to the “color wheel”. These seven species are Cana Fistula, Carao, Cortez Amarillo, Jacaranda, Malinche Real, Orgullo de la India and Roble Sabana.

Maintenance Flexibility – Every Costa Rican property needs maintenance, the amount depends on the level of “finish” or care given to the fruit trees and the frequency of cutting the grass to keep it at a low level. Most farm owners in Costa Rica do not personally do the work of farm maintenance, they employ good hearted locals who enjoy this kind of work. Many owners enjoy personally harvesting bananas, pineapples, papayas, citrus and other fruits, sometimes preferring to personally prune trees and care for plants close to the clean energy home. This allows for less work and more enjoyment of the natural beauty of a “gentleman’s farm” in the country. There are other private building sites and approximately 8 acres of no maintenance cow pasture for horses or other animals of your choosing.

Highly Desirable Location Neighboring A Luxury Resort

Confirmation of location value and the neighbors – The clean energy home abuts the 5-star resort, Alta Gracia, which has 50 high end “casitas” (over ½ mile away as the toucan flies), private airstrip with ultra-light tours, 3 gourmet restaurants and equestrian concept with over 800 acres, just below the majestic Chirripo National Park and Costa Rica’s highest mountain at 12,500 feet. The public road meanders through much of the hotel’s 800 acre reserve before arriving at the end of the public road and this property’s entrance. Situated one valley away is the project called RISE on 800 acres which is a high end wellness concept retreat with long term residences. Like neighbor Hotel Alta Gracia, RISEcostarica is also a $30 million dollar project, confirmation of the long term investment value in clean living that this property represents. Available as an option to this 40 acre property is a sister property of 25 additional acres shown in the last section of the video containing 3 prepared (and very private) building sites.

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