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Aguas Buenas Top Ridge Ocean View Property in the Mountains Above Uvita

There is a saying in real estate, “God isn’t making any more of it”. The Creator gave us a gem with this safe, peaceful, and glory-filled property. Just shy of 82 acres and located at the top of the ridge between Uvita and San Isidro few properties in Costa Rica have the combination of views towards the east and the west as this land does.

Multiple accesses from both the Pacific coast and the San Isidro valley (786 meters of public road frontage) take just 30 minutes from the coast on mostly all-weather gravel roads in 4WD and 45 minutes to San Isidro in 4WD. There are two access points to the property. One at the highest point is an ocean view and valley view building site at 1,135 meters above sea level or 3,727 feet above sea level. The second entrance takes you into the middle and lower sections of the property where you will find multiple ridges perfect for building or farming.

The lowest part of the property sits at about 900 meters above sea level or 2952 feet above sea level. The daily high temperature is about 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit cooler here than at the coast. Nights are very cool and warrant a fireplace. The west slope brings moist coastal air, and the east slope brings dry valley air creating very fertile and ideal for organic crops and fruit trees at altitudes including coffee.

Excellent Public and Private Infrastructure for Commercial or Personal Development

The property has the necessary infrastructure to acquire building permits (electric grid along public road and ASADA water) but is also ideal for an off-grid lifestyle. Multiple freshwater springs on the property abound with cool, clean H2O. Solar-generated power is an option for the property and possibly hydroelectricity. A well-built rancho with a long-lasting artificial roof and concrete floors with bathrooms are in place and a great space for gatherings and meetings. Most of the internal roads are all-weather and recently graded and they lead to the most desirable, natural building areas.

The property is about 75% forested and 25% pastureland. The naturally formed terrain is apt for multiple types of use from a large private fully sufficient estate, a self-sufficient mountain top sanctuary, or Plan B/Bug Out plan. The massive amount of public road frontage even lends the property to a condominium-type development or hotel. Hacienda Altagracia comes to mind as comparable property; however, it does not have the expansive ocean view that this property has.

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