64 Acres Haven Nestled in the Tropical Rainforest with Several Building Sites

Step into a realm of boundless opportunity with this extraordinary 26.1-hectare (64.5-acre) estate. Graced by rolling hills and spacious flat expanses, this land beckons for the creation of a harmonious community or a private sanctuary tailored to your aspirations. Each dwelling's strategic placement can harness captivating views and the tranquility that defines this landscape.

Nestled within these ample grounds, 7.2 hectares (17.8 acres) of primary rainforest thrive, cultivating a biodiverse haven. A unique gem within the property, an internal waterfall cascades with mesmerizing allure, bestowing an oasis of serenity with its soothing symphony.

360-degree vistas unfold from myriad viewpoints across the property, unveiling panoramic splendor that stretches across the San Juan de Dios valley and embraces the encircling mountains. An ever-present connection to nature's beauty becomes a cherished lifestyle.

Accessibility is a mere 8-minute journey from the paved road in Platanillo, ensuring seamless entry. A brief 20-minute drive to the beach, with 2-wheel drive access, epitomizes convenience. Whether seeking refuge from neighboring towns or a tranquil retreat, this location promises an uncomplicated sojourn.

Vital services stand ready at your fingertips. Legal water rights and an operational well secure a reliable water source. Electricity courses through the land, thoughtfully routed along the access road, granting the interior landscape access to this essential utility. The property's attractive pricing opens the gateway to embrace nature's wonders while relishing modern comforts. Expansive rainforest, a captivating internal waterfall, panoramic vistas, generous building sites, straightforward accessibility, and essential utilities harmoniously blend, crafting an array of prospects for an enriched lifestyle.

Key Features:

  • Enveloped by rolling hills and flat expanses, ideal for multiple homes
  • 7.2 hectares (17.8 acres) of biodiverse primary rainforest
  • Mesmerizing internal waterfall for an oasis of tranquility
  • Unobstructed 360-degree views of San Juan de Dios valley and surrounding mountains
  • A mere 8-minute drive from Platanillo's paved road, offering easy access
  • 20-minute proximity to the beach with 2-wheel drive ease
  • Secured legal water rights and functional well for dependable water supply
  • Electricity extended along the access road, powering the heart of the property
  • High-speed internet connectivity for contemporary connectivity

This property extends an invitation to intertwine with nature's splendor while embracing the essence of modern living. The canvas is vast, the potential immeasurable – a harmonious haven awaits, poised to reflect your unique vision and aspirations.

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