32 Acre Paradise with Unparalleled Views and Potential

Nestled amidst the serene beauty of nature, this expansive 32 acre farm is a remarkable piece of paradise situated along the picturesque public road that links La Florida de Baru to San Salvador. A true gem in every sense, this property boasts an unparalleled location; offering an array of captivating vistas and unobstructed views that stretch far and wide.

To the north, the farm treats its fortunate owner to breathtaking panoramas of the majestic Diamante waterfall and the lush Diamante valley. The sight of cascading water and verdant landscapes provides a soothing backdrop, creating an ambiance of tranquility and natural splendor. Every moment spent here is akin to immersing oneself in a living postcard, where the beauty of the surroundings knows no bounds.

On the southern side, the farm commands a sweeping view that encompasses the charming neighborhood of Costa Verde, nestled on the front range of the Fila Costena, all the way to the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. The play of sunlight on the waves, the gentle caress of the ocean breeze, and the distant calls of seabirds form a harmonious melody that resonates throughout the property. This panoramic spectacle is a testament to the farm's unique position, offering a front-row seat to the wonders of nature.

Upon entering the property, one is greeted by a large flat area situated conveniently at the top, adjacent to the road. This level terrain not only presents an excellent opportunity for building, but it also ensures ease of access and ample space for various possibilities. Whether envisioning a private estate, a charming farmhouse, or a sustainable retreat, the options are as vast as the sky overhead.

As the land gently slopes downwards, additional flat areas unfold, creating a tiered landscape that steps gracefully towards the valley below. These natural plateaus provide a canvas for creativity, inviting the imagination to roam freely and explore the myriad of potential uses. From lush gardens to outdoor recreational spaces, the farm offers endless prospects for development, allowing one to shape their dream oasis in perfect harmony with the land.

Moreover, the farm is thoughtfully designed to be adjacent to utilities, ensuring the convenience of modern amenities without compromising the property's natural beauty. This thoughtful integration of essential services adds to the farm's allure, making it an ideal canvas for realizing ambitious projects or sustainable living concepts.

In essence, this 32-acre farm is more than just a piece of land; it is a canvas for dreams, a sanctuary of serenity, and a testament to the harmonious coexistence of nature and modern living. Its strategic location, coupled with its stunning vistas and versatile terrain, make it a rare and coveted opportunity for those seeking a truly exceptional property.

Whether you are an aspiring homeowner, an astute investor, or a visionary developer, this farm beckons with its boundless potential and promises a lifestyle defined by natural grandeur and contemporary comforts. Come, explore, and let your imagination take flight amidst the beauty of this extraordinary piece of paradise.

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