Diamante Waterfall Farm

This incredible offering includes a total of seven farms located around the base of the breathtaking Diamante Waterfall, the tallest waterfall in Costa Rica at approximately 600 feet tall. With a total size of 64 hectares (150 acres), these farms represent the best Diamante Waterfall-view properties available in the sought-after Tinamaste-Diamante valley. Located just 20 minutes from Dominical beach, and 25 minutes to San Isidro, the second largest city in Costa Rica (population 130,000), this property boasts great convenience while feeling like a world away from the bustle of big towns. The climate here is also extremely pleasant with highs during the day in the mid-80s F and cool, mosquito-free evenings in the mid- to low-60s F.

Fertile Land And Abundant Natural Water At The Heart Of A Sustainable Living Community

Known for its rich and productive soil and abundant water, this valley has become the epicenter of an extended natural, organic, and sustainable intentional living community. Encompassing several smaller agricultural Costa Rican villages, this area unites the best permaculture and sustainability practices with the historically-successful agricultural practices that have been in place for centuries here with our native Costa Rican neighbors. What has blossomed here is truly unique on a global scale, and has become a model for living alongside and in balanced harmony with Mother Nature.

Incredible Biodiversity Rich In Both Varied Biological Zones And Wildlife With A Stunning Backdrop

This offering presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the future owner to become a conscientious steward of one of the most biologically-important natural environments, blessed with one of the most visually-stunning and incredibly beautiful and life-giving natural water features on Earth. With easy access via the main road from Tinamaste, these farms include a mixed variety of biological and riparian zones ranging from pasture land, to cultivated timbers and food-crops, fruit trees, to regenerative tacotal areas, and mature secondary and virgin primary forested areas. This variety of biospheres enhances the biodiversity of the property.

Easy Access With Many Available Building Sights Offering Views of Diamante Falls Or Sunset Ocean Views

An added benefit of the variable zones of the Diamante Waterfall Farm include the ability for someone to carefully select a variety of homesites around the property, most of which include beautiful views of the mighty Diamante Waterfall, river frontage, and sunset-oriented ocean views. The next steward of this magical land will certainly appreciate the beauty, power, energy, and majesty that the mighty Diamante commands.

Do not miss out on this once in a life time opportunity. Join the incredible community in the Tinamastes area and build your legacy of sustainability and conscious living here at the foot of the most magnificent waterfall Costa Rica has to offer. Do not delay.

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