112 Acre Gem in Playa Hermosa Costa Rica

Nestled in the highly coveted Calle Hermosa of Playa Hermosa, Central Pacific, Costa Rica, lies a truly unique and unparalleled real estate opportunity. This extraordinary 112-acre development project has undergone meticulous due diligence and stands as a testament to nature's grandeur and limitless possibilities. Boasting an enviable location, just a short 5-minute drive (approximately 2.1 kilometers) from the pristine Hermosa Beach, this property is a haven of natural beauty and investment potential.

Witness the Spectacular

At the heart of this majestic property, a breathtaking 90-meter waterfall cascades in all its glory, an awe-inspiring natural wonder that defines the landscape. With panoramic ocean vistas that stretch as far as the eye can see, this property promises a daily spectacle of sunsets over the Pacific Ocean. The land is not only blessed with scenic splendor but is also equipped with essential infrastructure, including legal water wells and electricity. An existing internal gravel road network lays the foundation for seamless development, with the option to pave or concrete it to perfection.

Nature's Bounty

One of the property's distinguishing features is its meticulously managed forest, a sanctuary of reforested woodlands; and a testament to responsible stewardship. The forest hosts, a diverse range of tree species; including Teak, Pochote, Melina, Cocobolo; and Ron Ron; among others. The commitment to preserving the environment shines through; with over 30,000 trees planted as part of a reforestation initiative. In August 2008, two wells were officially drilled and registered; securing a vital resource for future development endeavors.

Past Meets Present

This property has a rich history dating back to its days as a cattle farm, a legacy that spans several decades. In the 1960s, visionary owners acquired the land and continued its legacy as a cattle ranch. The internal gravel road; now an integral part of the property, has served its purpose for over 70 years. Fast forward to the 1990s, and the son, of the current owner embarked on a journey, to protect the land and its natural treasures. This marked the beginning of an ambitious reforestation project, that would see the landscape flourish once more.

A Place to Call Home

Tucked away within this sprawling estate is a charming lodge, reminiscent of a treehouse, along with a smaller adjacent house. The caretaker's home, situated at the entrance of the property, ensures that the land is well looked after and secure.


The property's location is nothing short of a paradise within paradise. A mere 2 kilometers from Playa Hermosa, this beach destination is a magnet for surfers from across the globe. Known for its towering waves, some reaching as high as 13 feet, it offers an exhilarating challenge for experienced and professional surfers. The consistent swells and pristine sands make it a surfer's haven. Playa Hermosa holds the honor of being awarded a prestigious Blue Flag, a testament to its environmental quality. Nearby, the Playa Hermosa Wildlife Refuge stands as a sanctuary for sea turtles and local flora and fauna, further enhancing the area's natural allure.

Conserving Nature's Wonders

A 49-acre reserve on the property is dedicated to preserving the rich and diverse ecology that thrives here. This commitment to conservation encompasses safeguarding water resources, nurturing a biological corridor to promote natural habitat connectivity, and maintaining soil health while supporting carbon sequestration. The property forms a vital link in a biodiverse corridor that provides a home to a myriad of wildlife species, including monkeys, macaws, toucans, wild boars, and cougars, among others.

Unobstructed Vistas

Situated on the initial mountain range as you move away from the ocean, this property bestows unobstructed vistas of the shimmering ocean, the charming town below, and the picturesque farmlands that stretch to the horizon. With majestic mountains forming a scenic backdrop, this is a setting that dreams are made of.

Seizing the Opportunity

This exceptional property offers a once in a lifetime opportunity for investors seeking to tap into the luxury real estate market. The proposed business plan caters to discerning buyers with a price range spanning from $750,000 to $3,000,000, and sizes ranging from 250 square meters (2,691 square feet) to 545 square meters (5,866 square feet) of construction. This visionary project boasts a total worth exceeding $60 million; promising a remarkable ROI of at least 100%. With an initial investment of $8.5 million and construction costs accounting for less than 50% of the total development, a potential profit margin ranging from $25 million to $40 million or more over a span of three years awaits astute investors.

Embracing Opportunity

Development prospects include a comprehensive package, comprising registered lots, water permits, initial infrastructure designs; permits for initial infrastructure construction, as well as three distinct house designs and entrance plans. This is the opportunity to embark on a transformative journey, blending luxury living with nature's splendor; and securing a promising future in one of Costa Rica's most sought after locations.

In conclusion, this 112 acre development project in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica, stands as a testament to nature's grandeur and limitless possibilities. Boasting an enviable location, essential infrastructure; and a rich history of responsible stewardship, this property is a rare gem. With breathtaking natural features, a commitment to conservation; and a visionary business plan, it offers an unparalleled opportunity for investors to shape a sustainable and luxurious future in the heart of Central Pacific, Costa Rica. Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of a transformative project that combines nature's wonders with luxury living.

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